Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Anointed Transformed and Redeemed....and a sweet girl named Maggie ♥

Well I am happy to report that we indeed have our new boxer puppy! :) Her name is Maggie Mae and she is a doll! She is sooo smart! Our Schnorkie Tyson, is not exactly pleased with us so I am hoping they will become friends SOON! I hate that he is upset! I am soooooo thankful that the temperature has gone up ~ we had a heat wave ;) It is going to be in the 50's today and well folks ~ that is far better than the teens for potty training if ya know what I mean. Someone asked me if Maggie was hyper or calm....I said well, it depends on her mood LOL. She is feeling more and more comfortable in our home so we are seeing more of her personality and I can tell she is strongwilled to say the least.

The one area I have failed in already is the night time crate thing....she HATES being apart for even a second and if we wanted to sleep AT ALL then she was going to have to be in our bed. Seriously, the first night this is how it went.....every 20 min. she would yelp like she was being beat or was petrified ..... but because I was determined I let this go on until 1:30 in the morning and finally I caved. Last night I knew what we were in for so she only stayed in her crate for 30 min and we put her in bed with us....I don't know if maybe I should put her in the garage in the crate so that at least we couldn't hear her AS WELL but I know we are going to have to do this just like when you had your baby and they had to "cry it out" I know there is an end to it and all will be better off :) Maybe it will be better to start it over the weekend when we can sleep in if she finally relents ???

Things have been sooo busy around the house....Having to go to rehab sooo much is catching up with me...I feel so behind in everything around the house and even here on blogging. So please forgive me if I haven't visited you or commented lately ~ I feel awful and hope to catch up SOON

I start a new Bible Study tomorrow and I am soooooo EXCITED! Beth Moore, Kay Arthur and Priscilla Shirer have given us this Bible study titled Anointed, Transformed and Redeemed. I know it will be amazing as always. It is a study of David and I have done Beth's other study on David and WOW WOW WOW ~ it was amazing so I have great expectations of this one as well!! David is one of my favorite people in the bible. He is so real and his HEART....Oh to have a heart like his. He is so humble, so transparent, so repentant! HIS WORSHIP!! SIGH....Thankyou Lord for this amazing example ~ take me deeper Lord as I learn more of this godly man who loves and adores you in every way

Bless you all and may you experience HIM in a powerful way today ~ HE knows just exactly what each of you need and desire