Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankful for your trial? Really Lord?

For the month of November Iris at Grace Alone is hosting Thankful Thursdays. Today's thankfulness is about trials!

I think a vast majority of Americans ~ Believers and non-believers alike ~ would say they are in the middle of a trial right now.
Everywhere we turn......TV. RADIO. INTERNET. NEWSPAPER. BLOGS. we read about someone in a trial

Trials are no respecter of persons. They affect everyone BUT it is in HOW we choose to face them that is the difference! As a believer I am thankful for so many things during the trials that I face.

* The Lord ~ my Heavenly Father who so lovingly provided for each trial that I would surely face ~ even before I was born. It is in these trails that HE shows HIMSELF strong!!

* Jesus ~ who faced trial after trial and has compassion for me in every one of my trials. He can share an example of those times for me when I am down, or mourning, or frustrated ....He gives me the HOPE, the PEACE, the PERSEVERANCE and so much more in EVERY one of my trials.

* the HOLY SPIRIT ~ who Comforts me and Guides me in my trials. HE prays for me when I don't know what or how to pray. HE leads into all TRUTH so that when I am having any "stinkin thinkin" goin on HE corrects me!

* the WORD ~ all I EVER have to do in a trial is look in the WORD and there I will find any and every trial imaginable and how to face those trials. Here I will find HOPE. Here I will find how to renew my mind in this trial. Here I will find answers, examples, and encouragement to continue on.

A cloud of witnesses ~ friends who love and support me during the trial. They point me to our Father, to JESUS. They lay me and my trial at the altar knowing and trusting that the answer is coming! The pray over me, anointing me with oil, or call with an encouraging word. They share a scripture the Lord has given them in regards to that trial. They listen, they love. They pray. It is such a gift to be surrounded by these precious people the Lord has so graciously given to you during these difficult days! I love and appreciate each and every one of you!! In Blogland and those at home ~ I wouldn't want to even try to make it without any of you!

Yes I am very thankful for trials because I know that as I face them and as I grow stronger because of them...... Everytime I am victorious and on the other side of that trial.... I can rest assured that ...... a healing took place and more of who I am became more of what Christ designed for me to be. Because of this trial I can share and encourage others who are dealing with the same. Isn't this what Christ longs for us to have mercy, to share grace, to be kind and loving to those who are going through a trial and prayerfully while we are ministering out of our experience, the Lord will be glorfied!

What about you ~ are you thankful for you trials?