Saturday, October 15, 2011

Assurance of Heirs

One of the wonderful things about a relationship with Jesus Christ is knowing for sure where we'll spend eternity. The Bible says we can have that certainty. It's a little like marriage. If someone asks if you married, you don't answer, "I think so." You proudly wear the evidence of your relationship -- usually a ring. You also have a license signed by a pastor or judge and two witnesses.

The same thing about your citizenship. If you were born in the United States, there's no question about whether you're a citizen. You are. And the same thing is true when it comes to your relationship with God. The Bible puts it this way, "Since we are His Children, we are his Heirs." In fact, together with Christ we are heirs of God's glory. (Romans 8:17). Like marriage and citizenship, you can know for sure.

I wonder....How many people know and truly understand that when we accept Christ and are saved, that we also become heirs as well? I can tell you that I did not know this, nor did I learn it right away. For me, it took 16 years. I can however, remember the very moment when I understood this Gift...this Promise...this Unconditional Acceptance.

It is so humbling to learn of the Promises the Lord has for us, isn't it? To say thank you, just doesn't even begin to describe how I feel. To be received by God as HIS heir....Oh MY! Now that will make one do the Happy Dance don't you think!!! :)

Galatians4:6-7 tell us:
Because we are His Children, God has sen the Spirit
of His Son into our hearts, prompting us to call
our, "Abba Father." Now you are no longer a slave
but God's own child. And since you are His child,
God has made you His Heir.

This I Believe
I can claim my spiritual inheritance every day.

Please join us @ Spiritual Sundays. It is such a blessing to foo many!

♥ ♥ Have a wonderful weekend my friends ♥ ♥

(Excerpts taken from A Woman's Walk in Truth by Vonette Bright)


Sarah (Nikki)

Hi Loren...great reminder that it's more than just becoming His's also becoming a member of His family. Hope you have a great weekend.

Matthew Kreider

I really appreciate your comparison to citizenship. Our identity in Christ is firmly established. Nothing can take it away.

But it made me think of something else, too. My wife is a Canadian and, when she moved here to the States after we got married, we had a messy, frustrating process through the immigration. It took years. But it eventually came together. And when it came together, it was in an instant.

When God takes us into His family, He does it in an eternal moment, too. Nothing will change it. But sometimes, on our side of the equation, it takes us awhile to sort through the process of understanding our new identity and citizenship. But all throughout the journey, we are learning how much He loves us!

Thanks for the post!

Whidbey Woman

Sometimes we just need to pause and reflect on the most basic elements of our faith. Then, we are blown away... can we even comprehend the love of God? To die for our sin so that we may have enternal life. Wow.


Happy dancing here. It is exciting to read this and internalize it. A spiritual heritage because I am His child. Yep, happy dance.


Thank you for this wonderful reminder of our relationship with God.


Thank you, Loren, for sharing this encouraging post. It is sad when asked if they are saved so many say "I hope so." Like you, for many years I didn't really understand this assurance. Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine was a song I sang many times. We don't sing it in church anymore, but I'm glad it is true.


A wonderful post, thank you. And thank God we are his children.

Beth E.

Yes! I am so thankful that we are His children! What a blessing and encouragement this post is, Loren. A great reminder at just the time I needed it. :-)


A good word about knowing who we belong to and what we have as an inheritance!

Love ya,

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