Friday, December 11, 2009

Back in the Hospital we go~ UPDATED in comments

Shortly after I pushed the "publish post" button I went to bed only to be awakened around 2a.m. by my stepmom. She told me that Daddy was in pain and running a high fever again. He was also confused. We got him in the truck and I phoned the Mayo ER to let them know we were on our way. For some odd reason my dads temperature will not register in his ear or mouth but will under his arm. He had a 102.9 and was really hurting.

Where we are now....After a VERY LONG NIGHT/DAY in the ER we finally were able to get a room in the hospital. Dads pneumonia is worse. They did a CT Scan and found some new cancer spots as well. They have determined that they will most likely do radiation on his lung area to help kill the pneumonia. If I understand correctly the cancer is surrounding the pneumonia and it is not able to be penetrated by the antibiotics as well as it should but doing the radiation will prayerfully take care of it.

I am not sure how long we will be here in the hospital but at least here he is being hydrated 24/7. He is receiving antibiotics interveniously and other than the constant being woken up I feel he is doing ok. We will see his main dr. today or at least talk to her via the phone and find out the "plan" sometime today.

I know I say this all the time but I mean it from my heart.....Thankyou for your prayers and love, support. Your comments mean so much and I am so blessed by each one of you

My husband arrives home today so I know my kids will be thrilled. OH YA>>>> guess what

Our sweet Rylee took her first steps last night WOOHOO! Jantzen got it on his phone and videoed it for me and sent it to me. What a bright spot in my day ♥ God knows just how to bring a smile on everyones face! Thankyou Lord, I love you so

Love and Blessings