Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dare I say it.... "I LOVE WORKING OUT"

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Over the past year and maybe even as far back as 2 years I have gained quite a bit of weight. I would LOVE to say that having Rotator Cuff Surgery on BOTH Shoulders was part to blame. I could also say that it may have something to do with the Prednisone the doctor puts me on in hopes of relieving the joint pain I suffer with at times. I could go on and on, but the truth is, yes, I wasn't in a position to do much exercise while healing from the shoulder surgeries but I could have chosen a better way of eating or incorporating a walk into my day every single day! While on Prednisone, knowing that my hunger would increase (boy did it ever increase) I could have exchanged the sugar filled treats I consumed with fruits or something lower in calories and sugar.

Truth is... I was to blame. Nothing else. Just me. In late July I received a text from my Mom. She said she was wanting to lose some weight before a wedding we would be attending in August and asked if I would join her. As I read the text, I was upset and had my feelings hurt. After I had time to think about it, I KNEW my Mom wasn't intending on hurting my feelings IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. I also knew she was right on. I needed to lose weight. I happened to notice a new gym was offering a Weight Loss Challenge and I felt like this was exactly what I needed to do.

That was a little more than 8 weeks ago. I have since lost 12 lbs. and I have gone down 7 sizes in my jeans/shorts! I didn't win the Weight Loss challenge but I won a far better prize than what was offered. One day at a time, I am winning my body back. One day at a time I am winning emotionally. Did you know that when you work out Endorphins are released into the Brain. These Endorphins can help with Anxiety, Depression, Self Esteem, Fatigue, Anger, and even help you to eat less!

The gym I joined used to be like a place for football players to come and lift weights or body builders who lift for hours on end and leave to go eat and then return yet again. LOL The Couple that purchased the gym a few months ago didn't change much but they have made it into a Family Fitness atmosphere. I guess you could say it is not your typical gym. Nope. Anyone who works out here is getting an amazing and OH SO HARD Workout. No sissy stuff whatsoever. Just one of the reasons why I have enjoyed it is that they truly care and will do whatever it takes to help you reach your goals. I kid you not....Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser has a twin and she lives in my town and trains us day after day. She has NO MERCY! LOL but seriously, she pushes you like crazy. Helping you to realize you can do FAR MORE than what you thought was possible!

I am so thankful that my Mom asked me that question last July! thanks Mom. My Mom joined me in the weight loss challenge and I was sooo proud of her when she would work out with me. She is one strong lady!

Speaking of Mom, you will have to come back tomorrow to see what My Mom helped me do for my Birthday. I will be posting tomorrow (my actual birthday) about the Dining Room Makeover she and I did! It is sooo AWESOME :)

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♥ Have a Terrific Tuesday my Friends ♥


Nana's Nuggets

WoW! Congrats! on your progress! Love it! and yes~exercise is work! But it is so worth it when a pair of jeans just slip right up w/ no fight!! I have managed to lose almost the 10lbs.that I had gained after I quit work! Now is taht an excuse or what?..LOL! but anyway Happy:) Birthday!! Blessings for a great day:)

The Real Me!

Okay, I need to know how you can lose 12lbs and 7 sizes. I've lost 6lbs already and haven't gone down one size. I guess it's because I'm taller or something. I think it takes me 10lbs to lose a size. But on the up side it takes me 10lbs to gain a size. LOL!
Great job my friend. I'm hoping to lose another 10lbs! I'm giving myself till the end of the year so that shouldn't be to bad.
Have a lovely day and keep up the good work.


Congratulations. I'm very proud of your accomplishment.

Betsy from Tennessee

I'm so proud of you, Loren... You are doing GREAT... I have been on Weight Watchers Online since April --with only a 20 pound loss so far. I'm really really trying ---but one thing I know for sure: the older one gets, the harder it is to lose weight. SO--I hope you get your weight off --and keep it off... It's much harder at age 69.... ha ha


Sassy Granny ...

Every day I wrestle with eating healthy, which is to say "lean". My body LOVES carbs, but they are death to my weight objectives. When I'm well-behaved, I can stay within a few pounds of my best weight range. When I slip, the scale is VERY quick to point out my poor choices. Ugh!!

I'm also very faithful to walk 3-4 miles per day. It helps.

This I know: I would love to be sleek & lean, but at 63 it's just plain hard work. I'm thinking I'll make my peace with just being healthy. *Sigh*

So proud of you!

Girly Muse

That's so awesome, Loren! The best thing about this is that you've found exercise that you're loving! That makes it a change for your lifetime.
OK, you've inspired me to get my rear in gear.

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