Thursday, July 8, 2010

THANKFUL Thursday ~ Marriage

Lynn is hosting this month for TT so please go here & join in and share your Thankful Hearts! Lynn was sharing about a couple who just celebrated 50 years! WOW ~ what a blessing !! I thought I would continue on with that theme

I just celebrated 20 years with my DH this past May and I am sooo Thankful ~ soo very blessed! We have had your typical marriage with your up and downs for sure! We have learned over these past 20 years that God is ALWAYS @ work in us individually as well as working in our marriage and family! HE is our Foundation and without HIM we would not be where we are today! Knowing that HE is always working keeps us pliable ~ moldable! It scares me when people think God has done all HE can do in them! He loves us sooo much and doesn't EVER leave us alone ! He LONGS to teach us, grow us and make us more like HIM! Thank you Lord

I am so thankful that HE has taught us that we are a team! We work together, we pray hard and for each other, we are each others BEST FRIEND and no one else can have that place! Thank you Lord

I am so thankful that we have learned about Boundaries in Marriage! Boundaries with kids! Boundaries with family members :) Boundaries in Friendships! Boundaries @ work! When Boundaries are set "IN LOVE" ...they will save soooo much Strife! Thank you Lord

I am sooo thankful to know that God made Brian Just.For.ME ♥ ♥ ♥ I learned this at a conference we went to one weekend....He made your spouse too! Isn't that awesome! Only YOUR Spouse can Love you the way they do! Care for you the way they do! Know you the way they do!! Thank you Lord

What are you thankful for in your Marriage??