Monday, August 9, 2010

Something Beautiful ~ Time together ♥

I'm H♥ME !! I had to leave my honey very early this morning. We had such a WONDERFUL TIME and OMG, IT.FLEW.BY!! Seriously, I don't know that 2 days has EVER gone by sooo fast!

My friend Renee started a meme today called "Something Beautiful" How very appropriate and perfect for my time away this weekend! Won't you join in and share Something Beautiful today :)

For me....There is no where else I would rather be than on the Beach!

Some of you know last year we celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary and planned to get away but just before we were to leave town, we unexpectedly lost Brians mom and within days of her dying we found out my Dad had lung cancer. My kids and I immediately drove to Florida and lived there with him for the summer. After losing Daddy in December we tried to get away and spend some time in Florida in January. My husband went before me but I got snowed in and my flight was cancelled 3 times! Well, this year was our 20 year anniversary!! We spent the day working at our Sons school celebrating their last day! It was so much fun! So the Lord gave us yet another opportunity ~ My husband was to spend a week in Fl. having business meetings but the company was offering for the spouses to come up and spend the weekend!! We were able to fly together this time and we left early Friday morning in hopes of spending a full 3 days together. Can you believe that we got to the airport and found out that we could NOT fly out because we were checking a bag and arrived 5 minutes too late! Soooo.....we had no choice but to leave later. then we flew into Atlanta and first, they delayed our connecting flight 2 hours. Within 30 minutes of that Brian noticed that they had CANCELLED our flight! EXCUSE ME?? REALLY?? yes. really they did. We joined the 60+ people on the stand-by list and did the only thing we knew to do......PRAY! They told us that we would most likely have to get a hotel and not leave Atlanta until 11 the next morning. I rallied my pray warriors via Facebook and sent out texts and the Lord blessed us!! We were able to make the flight and even though we arrived 12 hours later than we had scheduled we were soooo happy to be at our Hotel and were thanking and Praising the Lord! Thank you all so very much, those of you who prayed with and for us!

This is where we spent the day yesterday.....This is Beautiful ~ The Lords creation in sight and sound!

Thank you Lord for this wonderful Time together and to our Daughter Krista and Son-in-law KC for staying here with the kids so that we could was BEAUTIFUL!