Saturday, November 7, 2009

Spiritual Sundays

When I was 30, I was married and had 3 kids. Two were "ours" and then my stepdaughter was just like mine from the beginning because she was 2 when I came into her life. I fell TOTALLY in love with her and have never known a difference but I always feel I should clarify that because I never want to take place of her mother. I grew up with a stepmom (or 2) and it is always something that was clarified for me so anyway.... :) this is far from the point.

I had always been a stay at home mom and lived in a safe quiet circle of Christian friends and people. It was at this point that I began going to beauty college to get a cosmetologist license and OH MY was my mind blown away. I was in a school with a group of people from all walks of life. But every morning I would stand outside of my car, I would literally do this exercise......I would act like I was zipping out of my body and from my head to my toes I would zip all the way down, I would step forward, and then zip all the way back up saying "Lord, I walk out of myself and walk into your Spirit, may YOU lead and guide me and my Words and may these people see YOU and YOU Only" I was in a mission field to say the least. But you know what the biggest comment I heard while there.....

"You read the Bible Loren, WHY???? It is so irrelevant today!!! Honestly I was AGHAST! and overtime I saw that these people I was going to school with on a daily basis were broken wounded people who needed JESUS. Some were drug addicts, some were dealing with homosexuality. Some were still just kids living in a home who just didn't want to go to church or be among what they called "those hypocrites."

As i was in the Word this week and in reading specifically about this particular book here is what it says:

This book describes the characteristic social conditions of his day: corrupt leaders, unstable family life, widespread immorality, class hatred, and poverty. Though people continued a form of worship, idolatry was more and more accepted and the priests were failing to guide the people into ways of righteousness. In spite of the darkness of these days, he holds out hope to inspire his people to turn back to God.

This book is about people who needed to hear the love of God, a God who wanted to tell them, and the unique way God chose to demonstrate HIS Love to HIS people.

I don't know about you, but this sounds ALOT like where we are TODAY, and not only that but also where the hearts of the people of today are. This book is in the Bible. It is HOSEA and was written in approximately 750 B.C.

I would encourage those who read this and think that the Bible isn't relevant to today.....please pick it up.....whisper a prayer to the Lord and ask for HIS Spirit to speak to you because GODS Word is ALIVE AND ACTIVE. It CANNOT return VOID!!

For other Spiritual Sunday post I also encourage you to spend some time HERE and read what others have to say or to share about our Father and how HE demonstrates HIS Love to each and every one of us....TODAY