Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Iris @ Grace Alone is hosting Thankful Thursday today :) Join in and share your thankful hearts, won't ya :)

This week I am Thankful for so very much

Thankful the Lord has not let me sleep much the past 3 nights because HE shared some things that pertained to our family and my kids. I shared what I thought HE was saying this morning with both of my kids and they both agreed they had been hearing the same thing! Isn't that awesome when HE confirms things to us :) Thank you Lord!

Thankful that I have lost 4 inches in my stomach and went down 2 sizes in my shorts thanks to Jillian Michaels 30day Shred! I am on Day 23 :) WOOHOO! Thank you Lord!

Thankful that today was my last day of Physical Therapy. I will miss those girls @ Therapy sooooo much! They are just the Best! Thank you Lord!

Thankful that I got my Zumba cd's in the mail today! I have looked everywhere for Zumba videos to try and couldn't find them anywhere! I finally gave in and ordered them! I am going to do this along with the 30day Shred! I CANNOT WAIT TO TRY THEM OUT!! Thank you Lord!

Thankful that the kids and I get to go swim with my BFF from years ago Angel :) from All The Mus today, and we get to take my Grandbaby with us!! ♥ Thank you Lord!

Have a Blessed Day! What are you Thankful for?