Wednesday, May 9, 2012

achoo-God Bless you and you nasty ol' allergies be gone!

Have you all been suffering with the horrible allergies? It seems everyone in my area is struggling in one form or another! Sneezing, coughing, just out and out miserable! Claritin and Mucinex are a MUST right now for sure!

I have decided I want to do a 5K and possibly, well maybe, I don't know I just might, work up to doing a half marathon?
OH MY GOSH- I said it... I even wrote it so now it is impossible to take it back HA ;) Sure, I could just not POST this BUT in following through and speaking it, then I have to be accountable and I give you all permission to remind me or encourage me to (in the words of NIKE) JUST DO IT!!

Have you all been watching The Voice?? Oh my gosh, I was so happy to see Jermaine Win last night!! He was Giving all the glory to Jesus! and OH MY it was just precious when he was Holding his wife while singing that final time on the Voice Stage.... TEAR JERKER for sure!!! Here is the link to read more on the Winner!

Here you can see Jermaine's final performance
from Monday Night. He is singing "I Can Fly" Who were you voting for?

Happy Wednesday my friends!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Welcome H♥ME

Hello My Dear Bloggie Friends! I have to be honest... Life got CRAZY as soon as my Honey left again! Most nights I didn't even sit down until after 11p.m., let alone pick up my computer to blog or be able to go & visit any of you guys! BUT, I am soooo HAPPY to say that the 3 weeks he was to be gone is FINALLY OVERRRRRRRR!!!!!! PRAISE. THE. LORD!

I had this on my table to welcome both Brian & Jenna home ♥

It was wonderful working out in the yard together again! I had started a Flowerbed while he was away and we were able to get it completed on Sunday evening! It looks sooo AWESOME and turned out to be HUGE!!! I will take pics and show you sometime this week! When I read the forecast on Saturday morning, I could not believe my eyes! It read "RECORD HIGH" OF 92. How many days in a row last year did we have those two words in them???? PLUS, it is only May and we are already in the 90's???? YIKES Y'ALL!! I'm happy to report that a cold front is headed our way and bringing the temps in the 70's this week :) Now that I can handle!! :)

Here are some of the flowers I have in a few of my beds! I haven't ever seen any like these before and I just fell in LOVE with them!

We got Jenna moved back home for the Summer! She and I packed up her stuff @ OSU, loaded it in our cars and headed for HOME!! I am still just in awe that her 1st year as a freshman in college is ALREADY OVER!! Seriously this was the fastest school year EVER! She is so glad to be home (and SO AM I!!!!!!). She will be working 2 jobs this summer and saving up for her new apartment this fall!

My Son only has 2 weeks and 2 days left of school! It is so weird having one child at home and out of school and another one still in school. One day after school he asked me if he and I could go to the shooting academy! Somehow, I agreed to this???? It must have been a moment when my brain was asleep or maybe it was temporarily insane! LOL Anyway,
I went and much to my surprise, I really did have fun! I learned a lot and dare I say, I will go back! In fact, a girlfriend of mine and I signed up for a ladies only beginners gun class! I am looking forward to it for sure!

This is Jantz & I @ the shooting range :)

My sweet Rylee came and spent the night with us last night! It is such a treat when we can get her one on one! WE will do the same with Bentley but last night was her special night! We will all be together tonight having a big Spaghetti and Meatball dinner! It is definitely one of our favorites! I am going to also make some bruschetta! The best thing about this bruschetta is that I can go out on my back porch and pick the basil FRESH! IT IS SOOO YUMMY!

Here is my girl! She LOVES working with NoNi in my flowerbeds! and you all know, I just

LOVE her being there! She is such a tough little girl! She will do whatever- dig in the dirt, move mulch around, and she is NOT afraid of bugs in the least!!

Well you guys, I hope your week is blessed! Thanks so much for bearing with me! Love you ALL!