Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Celebrating MOM and some awards

We had such a good time celebrating Moms birthday! My mom is Beautiful ~ inside and out! She had me at a young age and we have always been soooo close! When I think of my Mom ~ I have learned Unconditional LOVE, hard work and determination and to have JOY no matter what it is your doing! During my school years when mom and I would be home cleaning house we would turn on the stereo and dance and clean and then I would hear those magic words...."LOREN MICHELLE ~ get in here right now! You know this isn't clean ~ If your going to clean something ....clean it right the first time!!!" LOL she was right! I could have done better :) and NOW I do it right the first time! Or now as an adult and I make one of those infamous calls asking "HOW do I cook this or what is the recipe for that? Or how do you always make everything look so nice" I have come to learn and appreciate all of the Love that goes into what MOM does and she gets so much of that from her mom and I get so much of that from my MOM.....I am so blessed to have a legacy of LOVE ~ unconditional LOVE! Thanks MOM! Here are a few pics

Lunch with MOM ~ from left to right...Me, Jen, MOM and her dear friend Pat

Moms cake ~ this is a recipe from my NANA! We Love this cake and it is more special knowing that Nana made this all the time

This was moms gift from all of us ~ My brother didn't get to come bc his daughter has Strep :( They were very missed!

Me and MOM ~ I am sooo blessed to have you as my Momma ~ I love you and Praise the Lord for you Love, your friendship, and encouragement. I can't even begin to thank you enough for all you do in my life

Now, here are some awards I have been blessed with and am horrible at posting them! Please forgive me my friends I do appreciate them sooo very much!

This came from my friend Mikki in January ~ Thank You Mikki

This Prolific Blogger is soo cute! I love it :) Thank you Andrea

This Sunshine Award was given to me by Barbie :)

I thank you all for sharing these awards with me ~ and want to pass them all to anyone who follows me! You all encourage me each and everyday, bring sunshine to my heart and clearly make my heart swell with Love!