Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh The Blood of Jesus ~ Answered Prayers

Prayer ~ the Word tells us to Pray continually. To Pray boldly. Lifting our own needs to Christ, or the needs of others. Releasing our Faith believing and trusting the Lord with our petitions.

Have you ever kept a Prayer Journal and gone back to see how God has met those prayer requests? It is soo Exciting and FAITH BUILDING when we are reminded of all God has done for us. The video I am sharing today is one that was shared at a local church in my town. I saw it posted on a local website and am soo thankful to have seen it! As I watched it, tears just fell. It is a very powerful video! For me, though, it was very personal. You see, Years ago my daughters basketball coach was pregnant with her first child. She was told very early in her pregnancy that there was no amniotic fluid and that she basically needed to go home and prepare for a funeral. They gave her baby no chance to survive, let alone be carried to full term. It was a devastating day to say the least. The whole community prayed in earnest for this baby. It was nothing short of a miracle! Not only did Little Alex make it full term, but he was healthy, strong, and had no complications whatsoever! He is now a healthy young boy, an energetic 6 year old! God heard our prayers, the cry of our hearts.

In this video you might see a situation similar to what you have prayed for. Take some time and reflect on how God has worked in your life and answered is sooo humbling, sooo powerful and I know your Faith will soar!

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Got Pothole's???

Here in Oklahoma we are Famous for our HORRIBLE ROADS! They are awful and you never know how bad they are until you drive across the State lIne.....Funny, no more potholes!

Anyway, For Friday Funnies this week I am posting this Geico Commercial in honor of my girls! They recite this to one another and crack us up all the time!

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