Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I got the Joy Joy Joy Down in my Heart! :)

I got that Joy Joy Joy Joy down in my heart......WHERE?? down in my heart ...... WHERE? down in my heart to STAY!!

Now that I have you all singing with me ;) I will share my JOY with you!!

On Monday it was an Insane day running EVERYWHERE and I got home REALLY late, obviously Having not cooked dinner for my family BUT my SWEET and OH SO WONDERFUL Husband had dinner waiting on ME!!!! Grilled Halibut, baked potatoes, garlic-cheese biscuits...YUM

It was such a JOY to be making these Homecoming posters that will be on the sides of the car while Jenna is being driven down Main Street in the Homecoming Parade. Brian, Jenna & I all worked together making them while Rylee sat in her highchair and colored! JOY JOY JOY

It was such a JOYFUL occasion to find a package @ our front door! My friend Bernie@ OnMyOwn is from Canada and I have shared how VERY MUCH my Son LOVES Canada!! Welllllll ~ Bernie sent Jantz a Canadian Calendar!! Isn't she AWESOME!! Thanks again Bernie for bringing both of us SUCH JOY!!

Today was absolutely Gorgeous outside! It didn't appear as though it would be. It started out raining and dreary but this afternoon it all cleared off and OH MY! It was heavenly. So Rylee and Brian AKA "Papa" went out back and jumped on the trampoline together!!! It just brings me such JOY to see them play & laugh together!!!

Ok get this .....I know I am almost 44! I know I am getting older but seriously when I got an AARP notice to sign up for in the mail I was a little taken back! I mean seriously ???? We got a big kick out of it and nothing says JOY like having a good belly laugh with your Honey! Because believe me ....HE gave me a REALLY HARD TIME ABOUT IT!! ;)

He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy JOB 8:21

Hope you all have a JOY-filled week!! I am linking up with Angel today