Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Daybook

FOR TODAY... November 17, 2009

Outside my window... COLD, CLOUDY, SPITTING RAIN

I am thinking...... how excitied I am about going away for Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for... everyones prayers yesterday!! I sooo felt them Praise God and YOU ALL

I am wearing... Jeans, Hoodie and my UGGS

I am remembering... when Rylee was born and cannot believe she is about to be 1....ONE....UNO.... How is this possible :)

I am going... nowhere today :)

I am reading... just finished What the Bayou Saw and will be posting my review later. Have decided to wait to read Karen Kingsbury's new book Shades of Blue until our trip next week....ahhhh ~ can't wait :)

I am hoping... to be very organized and shop for everything we need ....just not sure when that is

On my mind... considering creating a blog just for book reviews....hmmm, what do you all think?

Pondering these words... "I am thankful to be raised in a Christian home and I see the difference and am thankful that we don't have to deal with those types of things because of all of the work you and Dad have done and how God has brought us through." Sweet words from my daughter during House Church this Sunday morning :) *sniff sniff* thankyou LORD for it is YOU

From the kitchen... Beans, homemade cornbread, pork chops, green bean casserole, paninis, easy this week

Around the house... getting ready to Break out the Christmas decorations, packing up to go to Branson and Eureka Springs and warm fires in the evening....Just one of my favorite things about winter

One of my favorite things~Seeing the relationship with my children change as they grow and mature....watching my Son and His daddy work together on School projects. My DH is such a patient and loving man and I just fall in love all over again when I see him and realize how the Lord blessed me with this precious loving man!

From my picture journal...

Ok and REALLY GOOFY TOOOOOO ......If I don't blog tomorrow ~ you will know that I did not survive the evening LOL

He sent this picture text to me when I showed him via a text how much gas I DID NOT have.....

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Love and Blessings