Saturday, November 27, 2010

Spiritual Sundays

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I explained last week about our Thanksgiving plans having to be changed due to the Football Team making it into the Third round of the Playoff games. After having somewhat of a "fit" I finally came to accept that we wouldn't be in Branson with the rest of my family enjoying a cabin in beautiful Ozark country! I also shared that our chances of winning were slim to NONE.

I. was. right.

While we did lose the game (oh how we lost the game 75-28) we NEVER lost heart and NEVER gave up. In fact, the last touchdown we scored was in the final minutes of the game. No matter what, this team wasn't going to quit!

As I was reflecting on this final game of the season, I thought about our Spiritual walk.

When we first come to know the Lord ~ we are all fired up, excited and ready to share the Gospel with anyone who will listen! Remember the Joy and Excitement of being Saved and knowing Jesus!! As time goes by, we grow in our Wisdom and Knowledge. For some, troubles come and it is during this time that our Faith and the depth of that Faith are revealed.

We question God from different angles....Where are you God? Why did this happen? Why am I not seeing my loved one healed or how could this happen to us when we are doing everything we know to do?

As the score in the football game became more and more obvious that our team had no chance of catching up, let alone winning! The true heart of this team came through:

They fought hard. They stayed the course. They remained strong.

Even when some of the fans were leaving the game and only a few remained to cheer them on ~

They persevered. They pushed through.

God's Word tells us we will have trials in this life but not to lose sight. Gods Word tells us He is with us ALWAYS.
God's Word says not to grow weary in doing good because we will reap a harvest if we won't give up!

I have a feeling that at the end of the game while gathering in the locker room this team heard these words from their Coach:

"Boys, You have made me proud. You have made our community proud. You fought hard. You never gave up. You gave everything you had in you. Well done team ~ Well done."

In our Spiritual walk ~ we can't ever let go. No matter what tries to come against us. We must persevere. Fight hard. For in the end I long to hear those words:

Well Done Good and Faithful one!

Don't you?

Have a blessed weekend