Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Are you still teachable?

As I sat having coffee with friends yesterday it just amazed me how we were all going through or should I say, God was "dealing" with each of us in a similar manner. Each of us had been repenting from "pride," "selfishness," "allowing our flesh to win instead of walking in love." I love these friends, why? because every time I am with them I am encouraged to be less then I (my flesh) am and MORE of what God wants me to be!

As a group, with our husbands we have all been on the same path for many years now. We have all fought HARD for our marriages but through Christ we WON

We have all ministered together and have seen the hand of God move through each and every one of us. When certain people said it wouldn't work we cried out to the Lord and through HIM..... it DID

What I love about our friendships is that first, Christ is the Head. Along with that, you have a group of people who are firm believers that God is the Same Yesterday, Today and Forevermore but that HE loves us way to much to leave us where we are and is forever changing us from glory to glory. God desires for us to remind HIM of his Word. He watches over it to perform it! Isn't that AWESOME

I'm going to take a rabbit trail here for just a minute :) so bear with me....When I did hair, I had a customer who came in, an older gentleman who had been in my church at the time for years and years! He had made 3 moves with the church from when it began on Main Street to the Huge building it is today standing on a very busy corner. But he would come in and EVERY SINGLE TIME he would share the story with me about how the Lord saved him back in 1964. Everytime I would ask him what the LORD was doing today? You see, I loved this old man dearly and never meant anything bad by asking this question but what I am trying to say today is the same thing I was trying to say then. God wants to move in our lives NEW and FRESH today and EVERYDAY!

What we have to ask ourselves is this ~ Have we allowed pride to get in our way of growing in HIM? I have.
Have we allowed other things to become more important the HE is? I have.
Are we still teachable? Do we still desire to learn everytime we come before our Heavenly Father (in prayer) or read HIS Word?
Are we allowing God to increase as we (our flesh) decrease?

Yesterday as we girls were ending our fellowship time and going on about our lives we gathered together and prayed as we normally would but we all were crying out for the Lord to use us to Love those who hurt us, to die to our flesh and love our enemies as HIS word so clearly tells us to do, to walk according to the Power of the Holy Spirit and for people to see God in us.

As I went throughout my day and into the evening I was able to share with my daughter some of how the Lord is dealing with me. And how when we confess and repent from being prideful and/or selfish it isn't easy but that in doing it, that it feels so much better than the feeling of living life knowing that you are far away from your Father or having to do things in your own strength. Because, I know this ~ If I am not teachable on a daily basis ~ my kids will miss out on the blessing of seeing Gods hand move daily in the lives of this home. Teaching, Moving, Loving, Giving Grace and Mercy, and Disciplining those HE Loves.

Love and Blessings