Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Funnies ♥

Thank you to my oh so HILARIOUS Friend Kim from Homesteaders Heart for hosting Friday Funnies. If you need more than a Friday Laugh then she is the girl for you! She will bring a smile to your day, or maybe a giggle, and sometimes you may even snort while reading her blog!

OK, SO.....

I was walking into Hobby Lobby yesterday, and all of the sudden I hear a VERY LOUD **BURP**!! Shortly thereafter, I hear a giggle. I thought "surely that is some kid laughing" so I turned around and much to my SURPRISE I see a MUCH OLDER WOMAN!!! She looks at me and giggles even more!! I said, "OH MY, I wasn't expecting to see a LADY!!" She laughed out loud this time and said, "well, sometimes you just don't know or have control when that is going to happen!" I laughed with her and told her...."If my kids were here with me, they would surely be HIGH FIVING you right now!!"

Moral to the story: Never judge a Burp .... You just might be surprised to find a sweet little old lady can out do a teenage boy any day! :)