Thursday, June 25, 2009

An award and an update

I was blessed first and foremost with the Friendship from Rosel or as bloggers know her as RCUBEs.. . She loves, adores, and serves the Lord in all she does. In her blog she seeks Him as she writes, even about the timing of the posts (trust me, I experienced this first hand!). In her work as a Nurse she serves the people of the correctional facility with strength, love and wisdom. She is a godly example to her coworkers with her hard work and she walks in the fruits of the Spirit with all of those she comes in contact with and to the friends she comments I have yet to be inspired, encouraged or uplifted each time I read something she has said! Thankyou Rosel for this award and more importantly your Love of Our Father that shines brightly in and through you! If you haven't met her please visit her here She is a treasured friend, a prayer warrior and a precious woman of God!

I am required to nominate 7 other bloggers for this award and they are supposed to nominate 7 others. (Be sure to leave a comment on their blog about the award.) After they accept the award they are then asked to write a list of 7 things that their blog readers may not know about them.
So, this is the hardest knowing there are so many “kreativ” blogs. I would love to share this blessing with:

Jennifer @ Studio JRU. You can't even say Jennifer without saying KREATIV :) She and I have become friends, prayer buddies and her strength in daily life inspires me!
She loves the Lord, her husband and is one of the most talented artists I know! She was just hired to do some exclusive pieces for DaySpring! a division of Hallmark! Go visit her site and her studio, you won't resist her beautiful heart and art :)

Christy @ The Secret Life of an American Wife and Mom. I found Christy just recently, she was in my town at the time and I would have given anything to be at the conference to meet her. She is a loving mom and a woman of God

Jenna @ Jenn-free to be me ~ this is my daughter and she has just started blogging. She is my photographer and so very Kreativ :)

Mary @ Pile of Smiles ~ Oh how I love Mary! She loves the Lord and his love oozes in and through her! She is a treasured Prayer warrior and friend!

Charlotte @ At Home in Scottsdale. charlotte and her husband Clif are such wonderful people and Charlotte hosts Spiritual Sundays! They love the Lord and it shows in all they do!

Warren @ Family Fountain. Warren has been a friend almost from the beginning of my blog which isn't terribly long but he is full of Wisdom and encourages so many in his comments on life lessons. He definately has a teachers heart and loves to share all he can with so many!

Lori @ Girly Muse. She is a gem! She lives her life in joy no matter the circumstance and sees the sunny side of Life! The Lord has clearly given her a gift of Unspeakable JOY

Blessing & love to each of you!

now I share 7 things you might not know about me:
1. I love the Lord with all my heart although you do know this but I pray all see Him and NOT me in all I do!
2. I went to college to be an accountant. Ended up doing Hair :)
3. I started drinking coffee at the age of 32! Love it and my favorite is KONA from the beautiful Hawaii!!
4. I am a mom, a step-mom and a NONI(grandma). I cherish and know it is a gift that God has allowed for me to be
5. I love to MOW the yard, always have since I was old enough to push a mower but now I get to ride :) don't lose weight that way though doggone it!
6. I drink water like crazy and allow myself about 1/4 can of pop at lunchtime only
7. I love to read and can read numerous books at a time....drives my husband & kids crazy bc I carry most of them in my purse and its really heavy!

phew! ENOUGH about me!

an update on dad. He had a rough day yesterday, worked and came home in pain for the first time really and went straight to his chair in his bedroom. He remained there until we went to his first radiation treatment today @ 5:30 pm. He allowed me to pray over him for the first time in my life! I sought the Lord and asked me to speak through me whatever my dad needed to hear and receive! He told me thankyou and I could tell he was touched. The treatment was very quick. It lasted 10 minutes and afterward he "pretended" to act like he didn't know us! He was being silly which was a good sign. My husband happened to call me at that moment and told my Dad he could really use this brain radiation to his advantage LOL! We were able to talk to the Dr. (Gods favor) and asked a few questions. The Dr. shared that they had up'd the radiation dosage and shortened the length of treatments bc his chest tumor is constricting his air passage more than they realized and want to begin chemo and radiation asap! Praise the Lord this is what Dad has said and wanted all along. His cough seemed better last night. The Lord prompted me to pray over Dads house and room yesterday and so I did! Inviting the Lord, His Peace and Presence into every place, corner and crevice!!! My Dad said to me this morning that He had the best nights sleep in such a long time! I knew it was the Lord and the Peace He had allowed and poured over this house! Praise HIM Praise Him Praise HIM! My dad also agreed to take some cough medicine and some Ibuprofen and it really seemed to help but I am taking "coughing data" to show my dad if it does or if it doesn't work because he will accept something like that. One thing some of you may not know it this. My dad is an alcoholic (once an alcoholic, always one) but has been sober for
32 YEARS! so because he has an addictive personality he REALLY doesn't want to take any narcotic pain meds which I truly admire him for! I just hate to see him in pain so this is why I am so happy he took the cough meds and am keeping the data. If he sees its working he will continue to take it.

Thankyou all again for sticking with this long post, thankyou for your continued prayers! LOVE TO YOU ALL!!!!