Friday, November 19, 2010

TGIF Playin in the Flour??

It's Friday and you know what that means!! Time to Laugh and have some FUN! :) Kim shares her Funnies each and every Friday so head on over to HOMESTEADERS HEART and join in!!

On Thursday I got a phone call from my daughter around 4ish' and she says "Mom, I have a question? The Female Senior Athletic Trainers and the Senior Football Managers (girls as well) are getting our picture taken and some of the girls suggested our kitchen. So would you mind if we had the photoshoot in our kitchen??" "UMMMM ~ well, that is ok with me I guess?????" She explained that normally all the football players and all the trainers/managers usually take their picture together and it's on one of the city Firetrucks with a huge flag but that this year the girls were allowed to do their own shot. They were thrilled! They all arrived here around 4:30 and didn't leave til close to 7!!! OYE! The pics turned out great but the fun part happened after all the girls left! They had poured Flour all over my Island and wrote "Go Rams" in it. Well, our oldest daughter had come to have dinner with us and of course Rylee came too :) Jenna picked Rylee up and plopped her right down in the flour! SHE HAD A BALL!! The Photographer was still here so he began taking pics of Rylee! We laughed and laughed ~ OH MY! It was PRICELESS!

Happy Friday ~ May yours be Blessed! ♥