Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesdays top 10

one ~ Jesus L♥VES You....this I know!

two ~ I think I have gone INSANE! I accepted a challenge from my friend KIM over @ Homesteaders Heart. We will begin doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred in a few days! If you interested in joining go here I am feeling somewhat better since I was able to get through a complete workout today...Biggest Loser and then I stuck in the Dancing with the Stars video and did a bit more :) PHEW!

three ~ My dog Maggie has begun running off from our backyard just this past week! It is causing quite alot of strife.....My other dog Tyson is always on a leash but she has always been sooo good!! There was NEVER a need to leash her....Hope she learns quickly as we will begin the training ASAP!

four ~ Our air conditioner went out on Saturday and Praise the Lord the weather has been in the 70's but still was warm inside this afternoon when I got home. My Sweet and OH SO HANDY Honey was able to replace the compressor and viola' the air conditioner is fixed!! HE is such a blessing! The man can fix ANYTHING!!

five ~ Have you seen "Date night??" with Steve Carrell and Tina Fey. OMG SOOO FUNNY! definitely PG13 though!

six ~ Jenna and I took Rylee on a walk last night and had the best talk.... then came home and she took a bubble bath. Jenna played with her all night and then rocked her to sleep ♥ It is so precious to see them together!

seven ~ Can't wait to see what my good friend Lori has to say about American Idol tonight!! She nails it every week!

eight~ Thanks for all the sweet comments on my new blog look! The credit
goes to Heather at Leelou blogs! She is amazing and has sooo many free templates or you can also choose some of her custom work for as little as 10$!!! She is sooo wonderful to work with! Go over and check her out ....tell her I sent ya :)

nine ~ going to lunch with my childhood Friend Angel on Wednesday! We haven't seen each other in years and reconnected via Facebook a few months ago and are finally going to get together! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HER in person! :) If you haven't found her blog go over and meet her! You will love her!!

ten ~ Looking forward to spending time today with my Rylee girl. It is suppose to be warm....I think we will plant a few flowers, take a walk, swing, read some books..I just Love my Tuesdays with Rylee♥