Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday's Here!!

I am soooo excited that Tuesday is here! Last week, My sweet granddaughter Rylee said she wanted to see NONI ♥ Sooo, even though Papa is away and is sooo sad he is missing her, she will be coming this afternoon and spending the night! We are all beside ourselves EXCITED!! She always keeps us in stitches...The last time she came over and spent the night she told us that our cats according to Rylee were "Britney Spears cats" LOLOL Ok, how does she even know about Britney Spears?? We are constantly doing something to "Fweak her out" and then she says "I dont wanna talk about it!!" Oh that little girl! She is a mess! We are going to gobble her up and spoil her rotten!

This weekend while we were doing our electric fence, the Lord dropped an idea in my head. About a month 1/2 ago, we got some new neighbors! I have shared how awesome they are and how she has put in sooo many flower beds and is teaching me how to do the same. Anyway, we all have lots of trees on our lots, but again, we all have such rock issues, some of the trees just don't make it. So my neighbor had a tree knocked down and my DH was there watching it come down and said "Hey, just push that over to our yard and we can use it for Firewood next winter." Soooo, it was a HUGE TREE and it has been in our backyard ever since. I felt the Lord say, "get that tree cut up for Brian for Fathers Day." I told my daughter about it and she immediately said, "I will see if anyone can switch hours for me at work because I want to help." So as soon as my honey walked out the door, I started making phone calls looking for some Chain saws. Long story short ~ Our neighbor and very close friend, Dusty, came down with chain saw in hand and went to town. We were able to get the tree completely cut up and in the perfect size for our fireplace. We stacked it and our yard looks sooo much better! I KNOW Brian will sooo appreciate not having to do the work, cutting it up, stacking it, especially with the heat the way it has been here! Praise the Lord for awesome neighbors!!!
I can tell him we all worked on His gift together :)

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What are you all doing on this Beautiful Tuesday