Monday, November 14, 2011

When God Speaks!

Have you experienced a time or times in your life when the Lord gives you the same exact message in different ways? Isn't it just sooo awesome when HE does that!!

I just LOVE it! What is even more exciting, is just HOW HE chooses to 'MAKE SURE' we truly GET IT!! Cause you know, we are not a stubborn people! No way. And we certainly don't ever question...."Was that you God?" Nope. Never!! Ha!!!!

For me, HIS message was revealed in ways that not only confirmed just what HE was sharing with me, but also, because of where they were revealed, it just blew me away. There is NO DENYING HIS Grace, HIS Sovereignty, and HIS Omnipresence!!

We had our grandchildren this past Friday night and Saturday. One of my VERY FAVORITE times with Rylee is just before bed. She goes and picks out her favorite books, crawls up into my lap, and we read and read. It is such a precious time together! I don't think there has been one single time that she hasn't fallen asleep all snuggled up with me. Of course, I just continue to hold her, and rock her ~ It's just too wonderful to let end. Anyways.....

The first time the Lord shared this specific WORD with me was, through one of the books I read to Rylee. A Young children's book that I actually reviewed some time back. You know when you have read a Scripture before and then when you read it again it just JUMPS off the page at you!!?? Well, that is what happened while reading this book! It was awesome! But I will be honest, I didn't "get" that the Lord was sharing this with me right off.

The Second time was On Saturday. My DH and I took the g-kids and met our Daughter & SIL. Said our good-byes to all of them, and had a spur of the moment date. One of our favorite places to go is....BARNES & NOBLE. We just love looking at different books, getting a coffee, and just relaxing. I chose a few books and began looking at them. One happened to be a devotional. I read quite a few entries, but wouldn't you know that more than one of the days entries I just happened to find, had the very message that the book from the night before had. The Lord certainly had my attention at this point!

The Third and perhaps most powerful time I received this Specific Word was through the Sermon @ Church. I just wanted to cry!
The Lord loves me sooo much that HE gave me this message in places I had no idea I was going ~ BUT HE DID. He gave me a message in a Preschool book that I didn't know I would even be reading ~ BUT HE DID. I had a good idea I would be @ church, but in no way did I think this Specific Word would be such a part of the Series we are listening too ~ BUT HE DID!!

For me, It truly is, such a HUMBLING Experience! When you get even the slightest revelation of the LORDS Love, Grace and desire to speak to you, it just Moves me, Encourages me, and builds my Faith is ways that nothing else does!!

Thank You Lord for caring enough about me, for loving me, EVEN WHEN I question if it is even YOU at all!

What about you guys? Share HOW HE has spoken specifically to you .....