Friday, November 11, 2011

A Friday Funny of course

This is what you might look like after having THREE EARTHQUAKES in one week in a state that is NOT SUPPOSE TO HAVE EARTHQUAKES!! This is NOT California!! But of course, we Okie's have all had a great time talking about it wherever we go, to whomever will lines, gas stations, workout rooms and of course FACEBOOK!! Here is just one of the witty signs proudly displayed for your daily chuckle!

You know those emails you get that ask you to forward it to 10 people or to input your choices on the questionnaire, and then send it on to the next person?? Well, I am ALWAYS the one who is NOT going to resend or fill out the questionairre. My bad, I know. I apologize to all who have put their faith in me when it comes to these .... I don't have an excuse. Not even one. I just don't do it. But hey, NOW YA KNOW :) Right?? Right!!

Sometimes you get those very same requests in a text message ~ Holy Smokes ....I am really not going to do this on my phone!
Guess I'm not the only one....heehee

Hope everyone has a very happy and laughter filled Friday! I get my grand babies today and they are spending the night! Best way to spend a Friday if you ask me