Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful In all things????

You know how I told you all that our Highschool Football Team won last week after 5 Overtimes?? Well, that was the 1st Playoff game. This past Friday, the Football Team, Trainers, Managers, Pom Squad, Cheerleaders and Coaches loaded into the Charter Buses and drove the 2 hours for the 2nd Playoff round. I have to be honest and tell you all I was literally PRAYING we would NOT win! WHY? Well, because if we won it meant that we would play yet another playoff game THIS WEEK! The Week of Thanksgiving!

Well, guess what?!?! We won 16-6. Before the game began I asked my husband "What are we going to do if we win??" He said, "Honey, don't worry we haven't made it this far in over 20 years!" Ah yi yi! So we have had to cancel our trip with my Mom and Stepdad! We are soo upset. We always look so forward to getting away and going to Branson, spending a few days in a cabin, relaxing and just being with one another! We always have sooo much fun!

The football team is practicing everyday this week :( EVEN ON THANKSGIVING!! We are thrilled for the kids and know this is sooo exciting for our town and the team! Especially the Seniors! They will remember this for years to come!! The sad thing is, the chance of us winning is pretty slim! We are playing an undefeated team and they are known for their amazing football team! We have played them once this year and they KILLED us!

I am choosing to be Thankful regardless of this change in plans!

I noticed today that so many of my FB friends were talking about SNOW where they lived! WOW! Snow already??
It was in the 70's here BUT it's suppose to be only in the 40's by Thurs. So we all worked outside gathering wood and lots of kindling so when the cold weather gets here...We ARE READY :) I just LOVE a fire in the fireplace! It was so nice to work together outside :)

Tyson and Maggie didn't know what to think of the Chainsaw LOL

Jantz decided to climb a tree and well.....he got stuck haha! I said "Wait, I gotta take a pic for my blog!" ;)

My honey cutting limbs from the house! They hit the windows all the time and the kids hate it!

Here is just one stack of the wood! We will use this quickly! Last year we went through about 2 1/2 ricks of wood!

What did you do this weekend? I pray you have a blessed Monday ♥