Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Heavy Heart

As I type today it is with a VERY heavy heart. I talked to my stepmom and received more of the Truth that I have been asking for and to be honest. It isn't good at all. My Dad isn't doing well and she shared with me that my brother and I need to come to Florida. We have made flight arrangements and will be going on the 10th.(My brother is a Captain on the Fire Department and this is the earliest shift he could find someone to work for him) I do not have a return flight and just want to get there and see how my dad is with my own eyes. Even as I say this, I have to be honest and share that I am also very scared to see him. He has lost a substantial amount of weight and is going days without eating as of this date.

I need your prayers and the Lord knows all the details but I am just asking my prayer warriors to come beside me, my dad and all of my family. One thing is that we have not told my 86 yr old grandma because she hasn't been doing well and feel this will only upset her and cause her health to worsen.

Dad will have a CT Scan on the 21st of December and we will know then IF this chemo medicine is working or not. There is a long time between now and the 21st for a man who has cancer but to many, I know it will fly by. Those waiting for the answer it will be a long time. I just thankyou in advance for your prayers, love and support.

I have MUCH TO DO since I have not really been prepared to be gone for an unlimited number of days. I would ask for Peace and to have the strength to get all of this done since my DH will be leaving this MOnday. He will be gone when I leave and this breaks my heart as well. We have many decisions to make and the LORD knows the answers and we have EARS TO HEAR!

I love and appreciate you all so very much. My posts will be sporadic I am sure but know my heart is with all of you and I love each one of you dearly

Love and Blessings,