Wednesday, October 12, 2011

♥Happy Birthday to ME ♥

Today is my Birthday! Yep, Today I am 45 and I must say: I have been looking forward to this particular birthday for quite some time! I am certain you probably couldn't guess why. Go ahead .... ask me ;)

When you turn 16 ~ typically you have a Sweet Sixteen party and bright and early on your birthday you are in the car driving to take your drivers test and receive your license.
When you are turning 18 ~ You can vote, order products off of TV and QVC lololol, and, you are now considered an adult
Having those milestone birthdays are always soo much FUN don't you think!?!?!
Turning 21, or 30, and then 40. Wow, it all goes sooo fast!

So why am I excited for 45? Well, because .....I LOVE those reader glasses. They come in such an array of colors, shapes, and designs! I have always heard that around 45, your eye-sight will need a little help especially when looking at something w/ small print or maybe just hard to read. So is it true? Have I noticed a change in my eyes today since you know, I am 45 now. ha! The answer: Yes, I am beginning to see a change and I will embrace it ! WoooHooo! Bring on those reading glasses!!! :) I want some in every color please LOLOLOL

Now, for my Dining Room Reveal! Let me say this: I am not, hmmm, how can I put this? Well, I am not great @ decorating. I am getting more of an eye about it but I still go to my Mother for most everything! She has beautiful taste and knows exactly how to place items Perfectly!! So when I had a vision of what I wanted, I called Mom and asked her to help me. As we sat & talked last Friday she asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I thought about it and realized what I wanted was for her to help place pictures going up the stairs. Eventually she said "Honey, I don't think we should go up the stairs but rather I think you could put these up in your dining room on that HUGE empty wall." Hmmm, that just might work!

So we got busy. We had the BEST time! Laughing til we Snort or almost wet ourselves LOL Just doing whatever we wanted, being crazy and surprising ourselves with our carpentry skills! So here ya go!

Here it is in all it's empty glory :) A big empty wall! Seriously, we have lived here almost 6 yrs!!

Here is my Halloween or Fall center piece for the table.

These pics are hanging on a very small wall. I LOVED these pictues! This was last year when all the Trainer girls and Managers came over and did a photo shoot in our kitchen! It was sooo much fun! Rylee thought so too don't ya thing ;) !!

Here is my buffet. This was not in the plan and I did this by myself. I am so sorry I forgot to take a before picture. Everything on the table is new. I LOVE these lamps and that CLOCK!! LOVE IT!!

Last but not least here is my wall. My Mom and I worked sooo hard! My DH had to go out of town so Mom even spent the night! What a treat is that!!! We got up the next day and got back at it! Worked all day again. you would think it wouldn't take that long but we had to go shop for the frames then lay it all out, clean the glass, measure the wall, etc. Mom & I got pretty good at it! Just don't ever ask me about the Level, er I mean measuring tape. loll

Thank you MOM, I LOVE my Birthday present as well as the time I was able to spend with you! I am sooo blessed to be your daughter!



Happy birthday from Geneva/Switzerland!! Be blessed for your new year!


Praying you have the absolute best Birthday ever!

Love, hugs, and continued prayers,

PS: I had to go to progressive wear glasses!


Happy, happy birthday my dear daughter!!! Working along side you for the picture wall was sheer FUN!! You are really discovering your own groove in decorating & how to put it together ~ I'm just so stinkin' proud of you!! Love you honey & hope your day is full of joyful surprises.


First, Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday my dear friend!!! You are so very pretty in your stylin' glasses, and I can see you in each and everyone of those glasses(that I will admit to trying on too). ;-) On to your dining room...simply gorgeous. Isn't it fun to have your mom to work along side of!! Enjoy your 45th year Loren! Love you!

Nana's Nuggets

How beautiful is this! Good Job! the wall is so cute! and the Happy:) Birthday Pic w/ the glasses is adorable! and most of all the Beauty of you and Mom is Priceless! Blessings~ to a another wonderful year! Happy:) birthday!

Betsy from Tennessee

Happy Birthday, Loren... 45, huh???? Oh My---you are such a young one!!!!!! Just wait 'til you are 69... Yipes!!!!

Love what you have done to your home.. GORGEOUS...

Great photo of beautiful you and your pretty Mom...

Girly Muse

You rock those readers, girl! Hahaha You are so hilarious.

What a special time with your sweet mom. It looks GREAT!

Hope you have a fabulous birthday WEEK. Love you!


I wish I would have ready this post about being 45 when I turned 45. Now that I'm on the tail-end of that year and closer to 46 (January), I have to say that you've given me a much better perspective on this mid-40 year. I groan about my readers but you have inspired me to embrace it instead. I have one pair...but now I'm gonna seek out more. Fun ones, silly ones, serious I never have to wonder where they are or be left without because I forgot to bring my one pair. Love this new perspective.
Love your arrangements, too. Could I please borrow your mom? My house could use some wall help, too. And some paint. Just send her up when she's available. You come, too...and I promise to show you a grand time! Really! We could have some serious fun!
Peace and blessings to your day!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates

Oh I just saw this today - so a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!! You are so adorable and you are rockin' the reading glasses! I love what you and your mom did in your dining room - turned out great!! And I am really wanting to sneak in your house and take those lamps and that clock for my house - LOL! ;)


Loren, I hope you saw my birthday wishes to you on fb.
This is a great post, as always!
I have been wearing reading glasses on top of my contact for at least 3 1/2 years now!

Your dining room looks awesome!
Great post today, too.


Happy belated birthday!!! You look simply mahvelous, dahlink, and so does your dining room. What a wonderful gift to spend time with your awesome mom and do happy things around the house. I can just picture the two of you laughing until you snort. =D And thank heavens they make such cute readers. We have them all over the house and have learned that our Yorkie, Louie, likes to eat them. Here we thought we were just misplacing them and now we know the little stinker takes them off the table and out the doggie door, chewing them at his leisure while sunning. I'm still not inspired to blog again yet, but love to pop in and see what you're doing!

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