Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What's On Your Heart?

How do you respond when distractions come?

Let's see. One example might be.... You are doing your bible study which is due in the morning. You stop to look up something pertaining to your study. After finding it you should return to your study but instead you click over to Facebook for just one quick look. That quick look ends in a 45 minute delay and now the kids are home and your spouse is not far behind. Now it's time to fix dinner and head out for the evenings practices.

What about this one.... You are cleaning house because friends are coming in from out of town. The goal is to stay in one room until it is completely clean. done. You pick up some clothes that need to go in the laundry basket, so you head to the laundry room and then you see clothes that need to be hung up. You hang them and take them to the Master bedroom closet. You turn and see your kids left some dirty clothes on the bathroom floor. So you pick those up and see a coffee cup your husband left this morning. The day continues on and on just like this. When the evening comes you haven't succeeded in cleaning your house at all!

How about this? Have you experienced this before? You wake up before everyone else to spend your quiet time with the Lord. You grab your Bible and journal and your Coffee. On your way to sit in your comfy chair you notice the clothes need to be in the dryer so that your kids favorite shorts will be dry for school today. So you take them out of the washer and put them in the dryer. Now you need to fold those clothes that you took out so they won't get wrinkled. You fold, hang, and put away the clothes and by now your quiet time is over. The kids are in the shower and will be ready for breakfast any minute.

I think you get the idea..... Distractions can totally destroy the plans you have, can't they? While all of the above scenarios are awful, nothing compares to when we are doing Gods work and we allow the enemy an opportunity to distract us from that.
Maybe it's a financial issue - working on debt and reaching the goal of being debt free. Maybe it's that God has called you to go on a Missions trip and help others KNOW JESUS. It could be just loving on that neighbor that no one seems to talk to and your friendship shows them the love that God has for them. In befriending this person they come to accept Christ as their Savior!

We must stay focused on what it is we are doing! Yes, even when cleaning house ! I can tell you that this was one area I struggled with a lot in my young married days. I would "clean" all day long yet, It never felt like it because I went from here to there and back all day long! I am sooo much more focussed now and also plan out the day I will be staying at home to clean and do all the other chores, so that we can enjoy the rest of the week.

It's most important to stay focused especially when we are doing Gods will. The enemy wants nothing more than to pull us off track and keep us there. Not succeeding in accomplishing that work is exactly when the enemy wants.
Being focused
Be wiling to say NO! ---- to phone calls, lunch dates, computer time, etc. whatever it is that will take you on a path that leads to chaos and failure!

Recognize the distraction, so that, when they come you can snuff them out immediately. Set boundaries, in love, and stick to them!

Accomplishing what God wants us to each and everyday is sooo very important and when we seek HIM, when we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us and lead us we will be successful! Achieving the goals we set, regardless of the task, brings peace, joy, and order in our lives!

Can you recall a time that a distraction totally ruined a situation??? What did you do?