Monday, August 15, 2011

Letting Go

See this Sweet Girl? Today begins a new Season in her life. Our Precious girl is College Bound. I am not sure how this day arrived so quickly. Wasn't it just yesterday I was bringing her home all snuggled up in her Pink Blanket? Or singing, Barney's "I love you" song. Surely, it was just the other day I was walking you down the hall to your Kindergarten class, waving good-bye with tears in my eyes amazed at how brave you are, and so very smart too!

Time has flown by, my girl. You are your Daddy's girl. Your quick wit has always brought such laughter into our home. Your smile lights up the room and your heart is so full of Love and Compassion. Your teachers were always so quick to share how thoughtful you were of others and how very successful they knew you would matter what you choose to do, they would tell me ~ She is going to be a Huge Success in every way imaginable! Of course, I knew that, after all, You are Your FATHERS' girl, and through HIM, You can do ALL Things!

You are your Momma's world, Yes Sweetheart, you are! From the moment I laid eyes on you and held you in my arms, I was a goner. Your sweet spirit is so humble, so loyal, and so kind too, but lets not forget the perfect amount of orneriness thrown in when the time is just right! ;0) Throughout the years, you have grown to be such a strong young woman, making choices that have made us so very proud. Not one to go "with" the crowd, but recognizing that you are "set apart." Learning that life may not always be easy, but knowing that in those times of difficulty is when God can and will prune you, teach you and change you to be more like HIM.

You have always had Ears to Hear what the Lord is saying, a gift given from HIS Heart to yours. Look to Him, Seek Him honey, with all of your heart, and all of your mind. Always remember, Success as the world measures it, is completely the opposite in the Kingdom.

So Kick up your heels and enjoy this new Season HE has prepared for you. Your Daddy and I are so very proud and even more excited to see what God is going to do in you and through you!

I Love you A Bushel and a Peck,