Sunday, February 22, 2009

Formal 09'

Well first of all, its a funny story! My daughter does NOT like to be in a dress let alone HEELS! So, while we were dress shopping, she of course saw some "clothes" she would like to purchase. So I decided to use this to my advantage.....BRIBERY!! mwahahaha. Jenna my love, if you would like for me to purchase you a new shirt you must allow me to ....paint your toes, your fingernails, and oh ya.....wax your eyebrows! My oh so witty daughter ponders this proposal and simply looks at me and says....."Can I have two shirts?????" So we laughed ourselves through the store finding the "second shirt!" So yesterday was soooo much fun for me having mother/daughter time. Then as we are waxing her eyebrows Jenna decides we should put some more blonde highlights in her hair.....well, I had loaned my foil out to friend but thank goodness for Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty foil. I cut myself some foil strips and we foiled away. Jenna said she felt like we were playing twister while painting her nails and toes!

The girls looked beautiful and had fun taking pics before hand! They went out to eat and then danced the night away!