Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spiritual Sundays

Though the Mountains be shaken and the Hills be removed, Yet MY unfailing Love for you will Not be shaken nor My Covenant of Peace be removed, says the Lord who has compassion on you. Isaiah 54:10

Nothing on earth seems as enduring or immovable as HUGE, MAJESTIC Mountains. When you stand on their heights ~ breathing in the rarified air ~ you can almost smell eternity. Yet, MY Love and Peace are even more enduring that the greatest mountains on Earth!

Think deeply about MY UNFAILING LOVE. One of the meanings of "unfailing" is: inexhaustible. No matter how needy you are or how many times you fail ME, MY supply of Love for you will never run low. Another meaning of "unfailing" is: Constant
I do not love you more on days when you perform well, or do I love you less when you fail miserably. My LOVE is more perisistent, invariable, and steadfast than you can comprehend. Open your heart to receive this amazing gift in FULL MEASURE!

MY COVENANT OF PEACE is a sovereign gift of grace, and it is utterly secure. I can no more withdraw this blessing from you than I can stop being God. Moreover, I MYSELF am your Peace. So the more intimately you know ME, the more you can experience MY unfathomable Peace. Take time, take time to draw near ME; seek Me in the moments of your life. Come freely into MY PRESENCE even when you are feeling bad about yourself. Remember who I AM ~ THE LORD who has compassion on you.

Taken from Jesus Lives by Sarah Young

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Have a blessed weekend my dear friends! If you would please pray for all these kids attending prom tonight in our town! Thankyou each and everyone! I love you all!!!