Monday, October 3, 2011

♥Young Love ♥

My Son is "going with" one of the Sweetest Girls I know!! One of the many things that I ABSOLUTELY love about her is that, she is NOT one to put up with any drama. She has a terrific sense of self worth, therefore, she doesn't seek out others just to be in the "in crowd."

Sunday was 3 months since Jantzen asked her to "go with" him. When they get together, especially at her house, you will most likely find them baking together or maybe doing a chore for someone in the family! They are both such great kids!

Ahhhh, Young Love ~ It is simply "Precious"!!! Here is the card she made Jantzen for their anniversary

It reads.....

To My Sweet-tart, You have been a Lifesaver since you have been in my life. I am filled with Mounds of Joy I always get the Snickers when I think about you! I hope you don't think I am an Airhead for making this. My Love for you is bigger than the
Milky Way. You were Mint for me. I see
Starburst when I think of you! Sending you lots of hugs & kisses Love you to Pieces P.S. By the way, I think your Hunky

Isn't that just too cute :) Soo creative too!!

Hope you all have a blessed Monday!!!