Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Soo Proud of my Boy & WELCOME HOME MOM ♥

Last Night was a WONDERFUL night for sooo many reasons! First, My husband came home from his business trip :)

Second, My Mom and StepDad returned from Paris!! They have been gone for a week and I missed them so much! I am used to talking to my Mom everyday and well....That wasn't an option in Paris :) I can't wait to see her and see all her pictures and hear all about their trip!!

Finally, to top this off we finished the evening at a ceremony inducting My Son into the National Junior Honor Society! Being a part of NJHS is such an honor and a privilege! It is all about serving others in your community as well as maintaining an excellent GPA. (Not to mention it looks awesome on a Resume for College and Future Jobs too!) The Principal shared how special this group of kids was, and I couldn't agree anymore!

Here are some pics from the ceremony!

This was the Biggest class they have ever had....165 7th Grade Students

Playing peek-a-boo from across the room....Love my Zoom lens :)

Receiving His award for being inducted! This is his principal, Mr. Coke... He is wonderful and loves his job!

There was one more picture of Jantzen and a group of kids that have been together ever since PRESCHOOL! There were at least 7 of them that were inducted tonite....It was so precious to see and I know how much their teacher(s) Ms. Diane, Ms. Barbie, Ms. Renee, and Ms. Janet will all LOVE seeing this one! When I get a copy I will have to post it!

Happy Wednesday everyone!