Saturday, October 30, 2010

You are my ALL in ALL

As I began praying and speaking with the Lord for Spiritual Sundays this week The words You are my All in All came to my mind and heart immediately! I have been so humbled by the Lords Love and Provision this week. His Presence has been something I truly can't describe. I know that when I am up and about living "life" that I have my time with the Lord but having been down because of this surgery has allowed me so much more! So much more quiet time. So much more ability to SEE Gods hand and all that HE does in me and for me. So much more time with the Holy Spirit and HIS Word! So much of HIM in my conversations, in my reading, He is truly in everything!!! I am just at a be forever on my face before HIM praising HIM, worshiping our Father for HE truly is my ALL IN ALL!

I pray you all have a blessed weekend and may you experience the Lord in a powerful way! He truly is your ALL IN ALL you know!
Thank you Charlotte and Ginger for hosting the most wonderful meme! I love and appreciate you both and all who join in this anointed Spiritual Sundays each week!

Friday, October 29, 2010

College Interview ~ TGIF

This week at school has been Red Ribbon Week and so each day the kids dress up according to the various themed days.....

Thursday @ the High School was Miss Match day. My daughter dressed up in

2 different colored boots
2 different colored pair of tights
A black skirt
and an OSU shirt (which stands for Oklahoma State University)

During her 2nd hour she received a note asking her to come to the counselors office. She immediately knew what she was being summoned for....A college interview! Which college? It was for Tulsa University NOT
Oklahoma State University

So not only was she mismatched in every way imaginable she had on a different college's shirt! So what do you think the first question she got asked was?????

So, what other colleges are you looking at???

She wanted to crawl in a whole LOLOL but Oh well, she rolled with it cause that is just how my girl is! I love her ♥ yes I do

Happy Friday to you all! Go visit Kim for more laughs on this Fall Friday :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

When Dad Steps in

You know as a Stay At Home MOM there are certain things I cherish.....afterschool talks, volunteering at their school functions, enjoying their days off especially during spring and Christmas breaks, just being available for them no matter what is going on!
I also love being able to pick up their friends and help out other moms when they need help. So right now while I am not able to drive my Sweet Husband has taken my place. I just smile and wait with anticipation at what Jantzen is going to share each day when they return....You see, my husband can be oh so ornery ESPECIALLY in the mornings when Jantzen isn't quite awake and might would rather drive to school saying NOTHING AT ALL LOL.

Today my son had an orthodontist appointment so my dh had to leave work come to pick up Jantz and take him all the way back into town to his ortho which is actually within a mile of where Brian works. Jantzen was in the chair less than 5 minutes and his new wire was in and tightened and his new appt. made for 2 months down the road and they were back on the road again. Well, I think I have shared with you all our LOVE of coffee in our home. I also think I have shared that my Husband is a complete and total coffee snob! We have this OH SO AWESOME coffee shop that is also close to his work that we buy our coffee beans from each and every week. It is called DOUBLESHOT. It is sooo cool! I love to go and just chill, have a cup of coffee and listen to them talk coffee! They are VERY SERIOUS about their coffee! They give me such a HARD TIME for drinking cream in my coffee saying it ruins the coffee LOL I don't mind at all

So today after the orthodontist appointment my husband decided to treat Jantzen to his first trip to Doubleshot. Yes, He drinks coffee too! (His nickname at his school last yr. was BARISTA BOY bc he made all the science teachers coffee each and every morning since he was an aid for one of them) Father and Son spending the afternoon having a cup of coffee, learning where all the beans were coming from and seeing the HUGE Roaster and Grinder they use. I wish I had a picture of their faces as they walked in the house. I am soo blessed to have such a wonderful husband and know that when he steps in at times like these He enjoys it as much as I do and well, so do the kids! Even if they think their morning routine is a bit annoying! Memories and Days like these are gifts to each one of us in different ways!

As I type this I am listening to the blow dryer going .... Dad is in their blow drying Jantzens hair to feather back since it's 80's day! I love that man of mine! He is such an amazing Father and I am so thankful that when I am down I can relax because Dad can step in !! Thank you Honey for all you do!! I love you soo very very much!! XOXOXOXOXO

Didn't He do good!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Joy! Prayers answered! and Phosphates???

This week I am bursting at the seams with JOY! Even though I was a bawl bag a couple of days ago today I am just jumping with JOY !!!! WHY????? well, please let me share .......

I am filled with JOY because ~

Yesterday I asked you guys to pray about me being able to keep the ice machine right! Well, in the comments my bloggy friend Tamara told me she had one sitting in her garage from when she had her rotator cuff surgery!! Seriously ~ sitting in her garage!!
I picked up the phone and called her and well, the ice machine is right beside me at this very moment!!
Thank you Lord!
Thank YOU ALL for you prayers! And Thankyou Tamara!!!

I am filled with JOY because ~

WHEN I was having my melt down about losing my ice machine my Sweet Son went to work! I was sitting in my therapy chair and he asked me "How much time do you have left."..40 min. and then 20 min. later ~ he asked again so when the time came I got off the chair and he said ok....Look what I have for you! He had gone into my closet and gotten one of my vests along with 2 baggies and filled them with ice. He attached them (one in front and one in back) around the shoulder area to my vest and let me tell ya! It was BRILLIANT!! It really did work well! But more than just melted my heart and meant soooo very much!! Isn't that just precious You guys?!?!?!?!

I am filled with JOY because ~

We have had an issue in the McGhee household and maybe you have too? tonight I got a text message from one of my friends asking "Now that dishwashing detergent no longer has phosphates in it what are you all doing? " Because my husband works in the appliance parts industry she thought he might have heard about this and know the solution! What is happening is ....
first, without phosphates the dishes aren't being cleaned as well AND there is a film that is being left on your dishes and dishwasher. Second, if you happen to have black utensils, spatulas or spoons etc., they may have turned WHITE!! That is what happened here in our home! Well, to be husband was not aware of this phosphate issue and we have been trying to figure out what in the world the problem was because believe you- me......our black utensils are all white and they look AWFUL!!!!!! I am actually having to ask my Mom for new stuff for Christmas because we are seriously having to replace EVERYTHING! IT IS JUST NASTY! So why do you ask that this brings me joy?? Well, because now we have the ANSWER!!! and my husband will find the solution!! WOOHOO!!

So I hope my JOY will encourage you to share some JOY too....If so, go over to my friend Angel's blog and join in in spreading the JOY

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My new BFF's ;0)~

Yes these are my new BFF's ;) Ha! Just kidding :) well...... sort of!! Thought I would share with you all the machines that I have and use at different times of the day and some at all times!!

This little guy is my FAV!! He is called a tens unit! It sends electrodes through my shoulder and supposedly confuses my brain in regards to my shoulder being in pain! I did not have him last surgery and I have to say....HE IS AWESOME I Pretty much wear him 24/7 and the great news is that he is all mine! So we will benefit from him for a very long time! I have read up on these little things and they are great for people who experience chronic pain or any sort of muscular pain like when you sleep wrong or you pull a muscle...just put this thing on and wear it for awhile's great!

This is my ice machine or better known as the cold therapy unit! This helps with my swelling! I sleep in this and wear it most of the day as well! Definitely any time I get out of the chair I immediately put my ice on! They are trying to take this guy away from me and I am praying I can have it for a few more days! We will find out today if it gets to stay if not....hopefully I won't be crying when it walks out the door! (because that is what I did when they called to tell me they were coming to pick it up...sheesh! can you say "GET A GRIP!!) We have contacted our insurance company and will be pleading our case so if you could pray that I can have it a bit longer I would soooo appreciate it! my therapy chair! The CPM machine. It moves my arm at a slow and steady pace. I sit in this for 3 hours a day and it's benefits me greatly! When I go to Physical Therapy here in a couple of weeks this will be my saving grace in helping it not be so painful on that first day! :) p.s. this is NOT me!! FYI

I can't leave my recliner out! Oh rather I should say "my bed!" Yep ~ This is where I will be snoring er I mean sleeping for the next who knows how many weeks, It is far too painful to sleep in a bed so this is like heaven for now :) My kids are enjoying stealing my place for now and while they were on Fall break I was wondering if Dad would have a spot LOL

I am sooo very thankful for each one of these....Hope you all have a Fabulous Tuesday!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Road to Recovery

Hello my dear friends!! I just want to thank you all for your love this past week! Your emails and Facebook comments along with checking on me here at my blog have meant soo very much to me ♥ ♥ ♥

The doctor shared with my Husband and Mom that during surgery it was confirmed this shoulder was definitely worse than my previous shoulder and that the shoulder was completely dislocated from the socket so this will add on to the recovery hiss!
And so the recovery begins....

God has surrounded me with the most loving, nurturing family and I am sooo thankful and Praise HIM! My Husband has done more than words could even say! I love you Brian with all I am and KNOW you are such a gift from GOD!! My precious children have nursed me, loved me ....oh mY! My Mom has been UH MA ZING as usual! Rylee and Krista even showed up one night to surprise me and give me sweet kisses and hugs that will make a Grandma forget about any surgery whatsoever ;0) He has also given me the most WONDERFUL friends who have come and sat with me, cooked for me, watched movies with me, brought me cookies :) It is truly overwhelming and I see God in each and everyone of you! Thank you ALL for shining brightly for Jesus and being like HIM!

I am taking one day at a time and after having one particularly hard day on Friday because I got behind the pain but once I caught up with it about 11 pm that night I have been religiously taking my pain meds even in the middle of the night and doing my chair therapy 3 times a day for an hour each time. Being awake in the middle of the night even though it is because of pain has given me that much more time with the Lord and I have been so thankful for this!!! I have taken advantage of this down time to get alot of my review books read and am also thankful for this because I have ALOT of books to review in November!!

So thank you all again....I can't wait to catch up with all of you! Bare with me as I can't sit a real long time yet at the computer but will get around and visit soon! Oh how I have missed you all! Have a blessed week my bloggy friends! I Love you all sooo!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cant say this everyday!

Here in OKLAHOMA ~ we had an EARTHQUAKE!

While most everyone was attached the their TV w/loads of tissue watching the amazing rescues of the Chilean Miners yesterday morning many people felt a very strong tremor! Some described their glasses or furniture shaking, some thought a car had hit their building or close to it. But no matter where you went yesterday somebody felt 'SOMETHING!"

Quickly news spread on Facebook and through text messages that we had had an EARTHQUAKE! YEP here in OK!! WOW

I was at the Salon getting my hair done and OH MY! You should have heard everyone! It was sooo funny! When my husband came to bed last night he said...."Honey, they are already making t-shirts that say I survived the OKLAHOMA OCT 2010 Earthquake!!" Aren't we all sooo silly LOLOLOL

I am thrilled to say I have heard of nothing but Minor problems

So what's your big news for the day?

I will be away for a few days since I will be in surgery early tomorrow.....Please whisper a prayer!! Thank you all so much! I love you all

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spreading the Joy

Shout with joy to the Lord, all the earth!
Worship the Lord with gladness.
Come before him, singing with JOY.
Acknowledge that the Lord is God!
He made us, and we are his.
We are his people, the sheep of his pasture.
Psalm 100: 1-3

I am so filled with JOY and so thankful to be able to share each week all the goodness the LORD brings into my life!

My Husband brings me such JOY! He has sooo outdone himself this week and then will be taking care of me after my surgery on Friday....I truly don't know what I would do without HIM! Thank You LORD for my Husband!! He truly loves me and serves me as Christ would have him to!

My oh my what a JOY my friends have been! I can't even tell you how much JOY they bring me! Thank you Lord for the JOY of Friendship!

Thankyou for the Joy in Laughter! I tell ya ~ when Rylee is around, we are all pretty much laughing NON STOP! After dinner last night Jenna decided to stick a spoon on her nose! She thought that was hilarious and did we!

I am so filled with Joy for the gift that blogging has brought into my life! To connect with people all over the world and on such a heart level, to learn from one another and share our hearts and know that they are lined up with in the Lord, brings me such JOY! I just have to say a special thank you to Clif and Charlotte for making my bday so very special! For being such godly mentors and examples and for being such blessed friends! Thank you Lord for the gift of blogging and the JOY it brings to my life each and every day !!!

Thank you Angel for spreading the JOY and sharing it with us each week! She would love it if you would join in

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to me :)

Yep today is my birthday!! I get to spend it with my sweet Rylee and then my husband is going to be making my favorite (well, one of them) dinner tonight and all my kids will be here along with my Mom. It is going to be a joy filled day and night! On Wednesday I am going to go get my hair done and have lunch with some friends and then on Thursday Angel & I are going to go celebrate and see our FAVORITE author whose book Dandelion Dust was made into a movie! I.cannot.wait!! It is going to be such a blessed week :)

In getting older the One thing I have looked forward to for quite some time has been that I get to use "readers" (unlike my Stubborn friend Kim LOL) When my Mom and I went on our adventure last week she bought me some! I LOVE them and while I have to admit I don't "NEED" them just yet....but when I do.....I AM PREPARED!!

THANK YOU ALL for my Birthday wishes! I cherish each one of you so very much and praise God for your friendships!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Thank you MOM!

My Mom hosted my birthday this past weekend and we had tooo much fun! The weather was perfect for us to sit outside on my moms patio and I LOVE NOTHING more than to be surrounded by my family and well, when you add friends and chocolate ~ it's pure heaven!!

Krista and our Rylee ♥

Thanks Mom for not making me blow out 44 candles!! LOL

My handsome brother, Mom and I (yes I'm still sportin those lovely fever blisters! They are ALMOST GONE!)

Mom and the kids dancin away :)

My friend Heidi joined us!! Love this girl!

OK ~ somewhere my Mother decided to wrap everyone (willing that is) in saran wrap! WHY??? I have NO IDEA LOLOLOL but it certainly made for a whole lot of laughs and some good photo-ops!

Yep, Mom was running in hers!! Holy smokes she is a HOOT!!

I had hoped to get a pic with all of us but there wasn't a moment in which someone wasn't talking and the volume was EXTREME! So therefore, I couldn't get the attention of everyone to take the pic...oh well :)

Thank you MOM for such a wonderful and joy-filled birthday! Thank you for making it so special, a night filled with love & laughter! I am sooo blessed to be your daughter ~ I Love you with all my Heart ♥ XOXO

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Bridegroom

My post today is taken from "Living and Praying in Jesus Name" by Dick Eastman & Jack Hayford

In considering Christ as the Bridegroom we especially should remember that this title is used when referring to HIS return for HIS bride. As we pray in Jesus' name, our Bridegroom , time should be set aside just to love Him. Petitions sometimes clutter prayer. Requests are fine, but they can wait until after worship. There'll be plenty of time for petitioning and interceding later. For now we'll just reach out and hold the hands of Jesus. Like the bride on her wedding night who longs only to be held by her bridegroom and lover, so we may desire only to be held tightly in the arms of Christ. Worship HIM. Exalt HIM. Yearn for HIM. Hunger after Christ alone.

Give me, good Lord, a longing to be
With You, not to avoid the calamities
Of this world, nor so much to attain
The joys of heaven, as simply for love of YOU.
And give me, good Lord, YOUR Love and
Favor, which my love of YOU, however
Great it might be, could not deserve
Were it not for Your great goodness
These things, good Lord, that I pray for,
Give me You grace to labor for.

May you all experience the Lord in a Powerful way this weekend! I love you all! To join in and read other Spiritual Sunday posts ~ go here

Friday, October 8, 2010


We spent the evening at our State Fair last night and had a wonderful time together! Thank goodness we aren't in LA ;)
Happy Friday everyone! Join Kim for more FF

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My friend Angel hosts this meme and I am going to ask you guys to pray for her or to go visit her and let her know you are thinking of you her! She lost her Aunt yesterday and while she knows WHERE her Aunt is and WHO she is with, it is still very difficult! Please whisper a prayer for her and her family and her Aunts immediate family too ok!
Thank you all sooo much! Even in our loss we can count it all JOY because we know her Aunt is with the LORD! Praise HIM!

God has given us such a gift even in our pain we can rest knowing we will be with HIM someday and with our loved ones as well!! Thank you Lord!

I count it all JOY that I was whisked away by my mom on Monday for an "adventure!" My mom and I usually spend Fridays together but this past week she had been out of town so when she returned she asked if I would go to lunch with her. Then she shared she wanted a bit of a different scenery :) So we drove about 45 minutes away and spent the afternoon in a quaint little town having lunch and shopping in one of the most AWESOME little stores! I didn't even have to rush back because my Dear and OH SO WONDERFUL Husband picked up my son so that I could enjoy the day with my MOM!! JOY JOY JOY :) Thank you Lord for such an adventurous and fun mom and a sweet and wonderful husband!!

I count it all JOY that I was able to go and help my daughter at the doctor with our precious Rylee. Bless her heart she is cutting like 8 teeth all at once but has also been running a very HIGH fever! She spent the night with us as usual but we knew things just weren't right so the appt. was made and while many tears were shed during her evaluation the dr. told us he was going to have to catherterize her bc he felt she had a UTI. He explained he HATED to do these bc they are so uncomfortable but it was the only way to tell! Bless her heart and bless mommas heart! It was awful!!!! In the end, tears were wiped away, suckers were handed out, and hugs were given! Along with an antibiotic to clear this up and make her feel better! Poor baby! I count it JOY that I was there and able to help!

I count it all JOY that my friends will be treating me to lunch or coffee over the next few days or so, for my birthday, and that will surely make the time before my surgery not be spent "thinking" about it as much! Thank you Lord for the gift of Family and Friends who shower YOUR Love on me and bless me soooo!

What about you? What brings you JOY today? Hop on over to Angels and share and THANKYOU for praying for her FamilY!!

For you will not leave my soul among the dead
or allow your holy one[b] to rot in the grave.
11 You will show me the way of life,
granting me the joy of your presence
and the pleasures of living with you forever.
Psalm 16:10-11

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Believe in YOU

This weekend as I shared in my previous post was a quiet one and part of that was because my husband wasn't feeling well. Running fever, coughing and just exhausted after his week of traveling. One of the blessings of LifeChurch is that you can watch it live on your PC and at times like this we completely opted for this! Sunday morning we were up and gathered together in the living room and had church! Having been in a house church for so long this is not at all weird or different for us and in all honesty I felt this was EXACTLY what the Lord had planned for us on this particular weekend.

The message closed out the series of "I believe in YOU." It was a great ending by a guest speaker Dr. Sam Chand. Mr Chand was a gentleman who "believed in" Pastor Craig. He shared of his life and of all of those who had "believed in him" throughout his time here in America and in his walk with the Lord. What struck me most about this week was the not just the inspiring ways and examples of what having someone believe in you does but Mr. Chand spoke more about leaving a legacy. Having a living legacy. He shared that he was a president of an University, had a wing named after him and while all of that was so cool what meant most to him was that on his first day of being that University's President he was walking into his office and saw a young man mowing and went to speak to him. As the years went by the Lord allowed Mr. Chand to sow into the life of this young man. Time went by and the time came for him to retire from this job. On His last day of being President he released this position to this young man that all those years ago was the grounds keeper. This man was now the President of the University and was Mr. Chand's "Living Legacy" and BOTH men give credit to the Lord for this!

After the service was over we sat and shared with our son and just told him how we "believed in him" and were able to give him countless examples both on a spiritual level and just overall everyday things. Then we laid hands on him and prayed over him. It was such a precious time with the Lord and as a family. I am ever so thankful to have these intimate moments ~ Thank you Lord

What about you? Who are you believing & sowing into? Who is believing in you? Let them know what they mean to you! Praise the Lord for those who have sown into our lives!!

Happy Tuesday all! :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Exposing Truth

Our weekend was a quiet one, yet for me ~ VERY PRODUCTIVE! With my upcoming surgery I have had sooo many emotions going on and feel the need to get my house deep cleaned and in order! I realized this weekend that I am feeling somewhat apprehensive about this surgery. Having had my other shoulder done just a little over a year ago, I am most concerned about my recovery being as difficult as it was last time. There is a part of me that feels like I have just finally gotten myself, my home, and my time back to somewhat "normal" and now I am going to be down again physically but hopefully not emotionally.

What happens when truth is revealed? Well, for me it allows the Lord to work me through it! Normally, I am pretty good at recognizing things within myself and working through them. For some reason this time, I am a little slower! I was working away this weekend cleaning and organizing my kitchen ~ cleaning out the pantry, removing everything from the cupboards and cleaning and re-organizing, etc. and it was during this time I felt the Lord say "You are keeping yourself occupied so you don't have to face your feelings!"

Wait? What? "Am I really Lord?"

"Yes, and you need to share them with ME and lay them down so that I can help you through them" "Bring your feelings, concerns, fears, and anxious thoughts into the LIGHT. When they are exposed they will no longer be your burden, but I will walk with you through each one!"

I was overwhelmed with the Lords Divine Intervention! While I continued to do the cleaning & organizing I did it with a peace-filled heart and a knowing that while I set out to do these tasks in the first place to create order in my home I was also pushing the truth down or sweeping my emotions under the rug. The Lord desires for me to have order in my home as well, but I believe more than that, HE desires to have my whole heart along with my cares and concerns!

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour

What about you? Are you sweeping anything under the rug and holding it in? If so, the Lord is waiting with arms wide open ready to take your burdens and walk you through all your cares!

Have a blessed week my friends! Big HUGS to you ALL!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Need to laugh??

Well, It's Friday already and you know what that means here @ The Magoos News!! It's Friday Funny time!! I love it that my kids are always looking for a Friday Funny and this week they had quite the variety to choose from! We have laughed and laughed at some of the videos they found me! The one I really wanted to post was 10+ minutes so I knew that wasn't going to cut it but then we found this one! If anyone has had their wisdom teeth cut out I know you will be laughing with us! My daughter had hers cut out last summer while I was in Florida with my Daddy so I missed out on all the loopiness! (thank goodness ;)!!!) When I had mine cut out I don't remember it ever being this way but then again I don't think they gave us this type of medication back then!!

I pray everyone has a blessed weekend!! Join in with KIM for more Friday Funnies