Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Counting in ALL JOY

Angel hosts this wonderful meme and isn't it AWESOME to share JOY! Won't you join in with us here and spread the JOY today!!

I am sooo filled w/JOY because Rylee was able to spend 2 nights and 3 FULL days with us!

I am sooo filled w/JOY that one of my friends has asked us to POOL sit for 2 weeks :) WOO HOO

I am sooo filled w/JOY while taking Rylee back to her momma tonight my DH and I were able to go out to eat and catch up w/each other! LOVE SPONTANEOUS DATE NIGHTS ♥

I am sooo filled w/JOY because the IPHONE 4 comes out tomorrow and I am praying I get one! I went into the AT&T store to ask them about the phones and then said should I just pre-order. She said NO! Apple set aside 300,000 for presale orders and over 800,000 people logged on to pre-order their phones!! 800,000!! That's CRAZY :) I may be camping out LOL

I am sooo filled w/JOY that no matter where I go I am able to read my Bible with the YouVersion app on my IPHONE! Sitting and waiting all I have to do is pick up my phone and there is Gods Word ready to speak to me!! :) Isn't that awesome!!

What are you JOYFUL for today??