Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday and More Snow??

For soo many people here in Oklahoma, yesterday was the first time out of their house since last Monday evening. There is no milk, no bread, no bacon, and no eggs on the grocery shelves! YIKES! The weather is so bad, not just in Oklahoma, but it's not allowing the deliveries to be made and bring us these much needed items! GUESS WHAT!!! They are forecasting another winter storm that could possibly bring another 10 inches of snow. Holy Smokes!

no eggs!

no milk!

Our kids are out of school yet again today because the snow plows and salt trucks weren't able to get every single neighborhood cleared, therefore, the buses could not safely make it to pick up those kids who ride the bus to school. We are all wondering if they will attend school at all this week with the impending snow on the way! We shall see.....But even though there is still tons of snow hanging around it didn't stop us from celebrating my Beautiful Mothers Birthday!! NO WAY!! Normally we have everyone at our house and cook out but My Mom is one of those who hadn't gotten out so we went to her! I made her favorite chocolate cake and we went and spent the afternoon with her!

Happy Birthday Mom.....I love you soo much XOXO

Isn't she Lovely!

Ready. Set.


They are soooo silly ;) We didn't have any birthday candles we improvised!! :)

Happy Monday...How was your weekend?