Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Workout Girls!

Most of you know I have been working out since last August. So far I have lost 17lbs. so far!! WOOHOO :)

The Owner of the gym, Lori, is awesome & wonderful, and gives us amazing workouts! She is hard on us because she truly wants each person in that gym to reach their goals. Some have weight loss goals, some have toning and strengthening goals, while others just need to get active instead of sitting on their couch with the TV going non-stop!

I invited some friends to come and give it a try! They did and now are members too! It is sooo much more fun having a buddy to work out with!!

Needless to say, we all love Lori! I asked some of the girls if they would like to join me in having a Christmas luncheon and give Lori a Christmas gift or two :) in appreciation of all she does for us!! I was thrilled when everyone said it was a Fantastic idea.

We got her her favorite Morroccan Oil Shampoo/Conditioner and some Oil as well! She has been asking me to buy her some for quite awhile so I knew instantly what one of our gifts would be!! We also were able to get a gift certificate to one of her favorite shops in a town nearby. They sell MissMe Jeans, jewelry, etc. She was beyond thrilled!!

I made us some Homemade Chicken & rice soup and a salad too :)

It was so nice being with each other and just talking and laughing and not sweating at the same time ;)

Here are a few pics from our Luncheon
My cute Christmas plates my Mom got me last year!! I was sooo excited to finally use them !!! Thanks MOM- I ♥ them!!

Just a better view of the table

We went ahead and put the salad on the table JUST before everyone arrived. This salad was DELICIOUS!! The white bottles with ribbon on them are a gift from me. I made them all my homemade lotion in a purse size :) They Loved it!!

ALMOST All the girls were able to attend! We all had so much fun, laughing and getting to know one another better! It was such a treat to host these women! The owner of the gym is standing to my left. The one with the long brown hair and beautiful smile :)