Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Funnies are BACK!!!!

My dear friend Kim hosts Friday Funnies and after taking a MUCH NEEDED BREAK she is back and ready for some funnies!!

We are having our Hottest Summer Ever according to our weathermen but it wasn't too many months ago that we were going plum STIR CRAZY from being buried by the "Blizzard of 2010" or as some called it
"SNOW-KLAHOMA":) We were all trapped inside for days and days!!

I have shared videos of my daughters boyfriend Ty before, but here is one that he made while being snowed in last January:
What a MESS HE IS!!!

Introducing Tyler as "Crazy ChickenHawk"

Happy Friday my dear friends!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Today we are on the road to go enroll our Sweet girl Jenna in College! We plan to make a day of it. We will meet with an advisor and then enroll and we even get to look at her Dorm Room and get measurements as well as see if there is anything else we need :)

Gosh, these final weeks til school begin are going so quickly! I sooo wish I could slow them down! and cool them off :) LOL

Our temps are still over 100 each day and unless God does a miracle it will remain this way for quite sometime! UGH!

Anyway I pray you all have a blessed Wednesday! Love to you all ♥

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mondays Musings

I didn't really mean to leave everyone hanging!!! So sorry about that....

We went to the neurologist's office and really really liked him! He was willing to answer any questions we had and believe me, my husband can ask some questions now LOL.

This is where we are in a nutshell.....

He won't be diagnosed with anything unless he has a 2nd seizure. If that happens we will begin meds immediately. For now, everything looks fine. He scheduled an EEG for mid- August which was frustrating for a couple of reasons. School will be back in and for that test he MUST:

On the night before the test he has to STAY UP TIL MIDNIGHT and then WAKE UP @5A.M. he is not allowed sugar or caffeine products AT ALL! Then the actual test won't be until late in the afternoon!!! I am going to see if I can be put on a "call list" in case someone cancels and pray that one will open up BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS!! will anyone join me??? pretty please :)

I honestly thought we were going to have the EEG the day of the apt. so when I found out it wasn't until another 3-4 weeks, Jantz & I were bummed! Oh how the Lord is working on me about HIS TIMING :) and NOT my own!

On another note....Our oldest daughter & son-in-law, celebrated their ♥ 6 year wedding anniversary ♥ and we got to keep our grand babies overnight! We had so much fun. Rylee finger painted, did water balloons, played in the sprinkler, helped me cook dinner, and we found some really cool PINK BUBBLES!! Bentley is getting sooo big! He turned 6 months old and is just the sweetest and happiest little boy! He eats constantly LOL Can you believe my arms were actually sore from holding him! He is just sooo precious. They both are! We all enjoyed having them here! Aunt Jenna and Uncle Jantzen were in heaven as well and they were both a HUGE HELP!!

At church, We ended our series titled, "At the movies" this weekend. Man, they were awesome ~ each and every one of them! This week was a lesson through the eyes of the movie "The Kings Speech." Craig taught on how the true story of King George VI and how he stammers. He shared about Moses not feeling qualified because of his fears and insecurities. He shared that God will always use what others will overlook. We have a VOICE !! Whatever HE calls us to do, HE will provide all we need even if that means someone to help us with that specific insecurity. In this movie God provided a man who helped him in a very unorthodox way. I just love how God allows what we think is impossible or simply ridiculous into being the answer and the way....It is truly only Christ who can make something out of what we might "think" is absolutely NOTHING!

Well, my friends please continue to pray for rain. Here is out forecast for the week! It is really getting to be a HUGE concern with water, and the farmers with their animals, crops etc. We have made the choice to let our yard go but after putting so much money into our flower beds we can't let them go. So please pray for rain....I know many are suffering with this heat. I am praying for relief for all who are experiencing this unrelenting heatwave!

Look at that!! That is Not even with the Heat index...that is just the temp....OYE! Please Please Pray!!!

Happy Monday my friends!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thankful...We FINALLY have a Neurologist Appt.!!

6 and 1/2 weeks ago, I shared with you all about my Son Jantzen, having a seizure. Since it was a Saturday afternoon, We immediately took him to the ER and then followed up with our family physician the following Monday. He referred us to a neurologist. Pretty much this is where we have been for WEEKS.... Waiting on them to call. To be honest, I have **at times** lost my patience, gotten frustrated, and then I would calm down, asking the Lord for forgiveness and not only the patience I need, but to trust in HIS Timing!

So, today we will be going to the neurologist!

I have watched Jantzen for these past 6 1/2 weeks VERY CLOSELY. Taking the precautions they asked swimming, no tubs (meaning showers only LOL), no energy drinks etc. He also cut way back on playing video games. I wasn't the only one who was impatient LOL. He has had his moments as well ;) For the most part he has been doing fine. At times, he will have a dizzy spell and explain that when he stands up, he gets dizzy and his fingers get tingly. Then he gets really hot, kind of like when I have a hot flash

But tomorrow we will have some answers! YAY!!! I am praying, obviously that the EEG will show no proof of any seizure activity. If in fact this is what the test reveals then hopefully this was just a one time thing! If not, then we will get some sort of plan and see what type of seizure we are dealing with.

Whatever we find out, I know that God is with us. None of this has surprised him and HE will continue to lead us every step of the way.

Thank you Lord! You're timing IS perfect. You are our Strong Tower and our Peace that passes ALL understanding!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Word Filled Wednesday

I LOVE Word Filled Wednesday, don't you?!?! This Scripture is one that has always given me HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT! The Words "IN ALL THINGS" not some things, not this thing, or that thing....but....ALL THINGS! Doesn't that just give you PEACE!

I am so thankful the Word is Alive & Active and speaks to soo many....May HIS WORD speak to you today!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back to Life

Back to Life. Back to Reality. Back to....oh wait, that is a song ! But certainly how I felt having come home from one of the most fun and successful trips I've had in quite awhile.

My Sweet Momma has taken Jenna and I on girls trips since Jenna was about 10. We usually go somewhere within 4 to 8 hours away, always driving and spend a weekend or so just enjoying one another. We shop and eat out, sleep in and stay up late. It has been such a gift my Mom has given to both Jen and I all these years!

This year we had a goal and that was to get some things for Jenna's dorm room. She will be moving into her dorm in mid August. We decided making a trip to IKEA would be our best option and definitely the best prices. Jenna was able to get everything she needed and even some stuff for her roommate as well. She got a complete closet system, curtains, pillows, bathroom towels and a shower caddy, sheets, duvet cover, rugs, dishes...the list goes on and on. She got it all for around $300. Unbelievable! Truly a blessing!

We also went to an AWESOME Outlet Mall. We literally shopped til we dropped. Then on the last day we went to downtown McKinney Tx. and walked around. It was the cutest, most quaint little downtown area! The shops were so cool and then we went into a restaurant and caught the womens soccer game. So sad they lost but happy that Japan had something to celebrate!

The Lord blessed us with time together, laughing, bonding, relaxing, and we met some of the nicest people along the way! It is always fun to see who the Lord allows us to meet on these trips!

So now, it is back to reality. We are still in the 100+ temperatures! Our Governor has called us to pray for rain! How awesome is that!??!?! Of course, there were those who were upset with the word "Pray" but this is really affecting our Farmers, animals, and the elderly too. We have set some serious records with the temps this summer. So if you don't mind...Can you help us pray for rain in Oklahoma and for all of those affected by this heat! Thank you soo much! We have had to be put on water rationing and for now we can water only on certain days but if we don't get the rain we may lose the option to water AT ALL! OY!

I pray you all had a blessed weekend and are staying COOL! Have missed you all! Will be getting around to say hi soon ....

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Funnies!

Happy Friday Everyone! Its time for Friday Funnies! My friend Bella Mella shared this on Facebook this week and I loved it and could not wait to share it with you all!!!

Hope your weekend is blessed!!! I'm in Dallas with my Mom & Jenna doing some shopping for Jennas dorm room!! I love roadtrips with my Mom!!! We all have soo much fun and we laugh pretty much NON STOP! :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Word Filled Wednesday

"Feed your fears and your faith will starve. Feed your faith, and your fears will."
— Max Lucado (Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear)

Have a blessed Wednesday&hearts ♥ ♥

Monday, July 11, 2011

So Blessed

You ever have those days when you just receive such a blessing from the Lord that you just want to cry??? Ya? Me too! That is just how I felt after this weekend.

Saturday my husband and I woke up @ 6:30 am. I took Jantzen to work for NHS @ a local run. Tons of people turned out to run the annual Josh Hatzell Memorial Run. Josh was killed a few years ago tragically and this has been something our community has done to honor him and I can only imagine how much it has helped his parents in the healing process.

As I returned Brian and I began working out in our yard. We were making 2 new flower beds. My neighbor informed me that Lowes was having a HUGE sale and had clearanced alot of their plants/flowers. Sooo, I went a picked up some Iris' ($1.25- $1.10 per plant!!!) and some crepe myrtles($9.99) and a few other things. We had so much fun and worked our tails off too! Oh, did I mention it was HOT? OH EM GEE! WAS IT EVER HOT!! According to the Weather Channel we were the hottest place in the country!!! Sunday our Bank's temperature read 113'. That is just TOO HOT! & yes, we were working in the yard LOL (drinking lots and lots of water and gatorade!! I will share pics soon)

Later that evening we went to church. Holy Smokes, it was packed out! Seriously, so many people were there and were even standing in the back! It was a great sermon on dying to our self! Recognizing Self Absorption and Pride ~ we all know where that gets us....flat on our face & full of regrets! Pastor Craig shared from the movie about that man who went hiking and ended up stuck and had to literally cut his arm off. I haven't seen that movie but I am definitely going to now! He was so self absorbed and did you know that when he set off for that hike he told NO ONE he was going??? It is an amazing story to say the least!

After church, we went to a beautiful wedding! My daughter, Krista and my grandaughter Rylee were both in the wedding! They looked beautiful! My grandaughter was the flower girl and I have to say I truly wondered how she would do walking up that aisle with all eyes on her! Let me just tell ya.....She was PRECIOUS!! She had us all in stitches and I don't know that I have ever seen her look so pretty! I can't wait to see pictures....Oh ya, I will be sharing them here ;)

Sunday finally came and my sweet JENNA is HOME!!! She has been gone for 10 days in North Carolina! I can't tell you how I've missed my girl! Krista and my grandbabies came over and we had a family Sunday dinner! Just a perfect end to a wonderful weekend. God is so good. HE blessed me so ~ HE knows there is nothing that fills a Mommas ♥ Heart ♥ the way having her family around her does....

Thank you Lord! I am so blessed

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Spiritual Sundays~ A Spoken Blessing

A Few years ago I learned about a very special gift ~ the Power of a Spoken Blessing. Declaring and Decreeing blessings over my children. Literally imparting Gods Word as well as speaking a blessing over them.

Do you speak blessings over your children? Maybe, as they go off about their day, just stop and pray over them, speaking forth the blessing. Asking God to give them Joy throughout their day, or to be strong in their gift as a leader, or speaking peace & calm over them if they are experiencing some strife in their class room. The list could go on and on.

Speaking blessings is not some magic formula, the children have a choice in receiving it and choose to live according to it or they might turn their back on the Lord and ignore it all together. The same goes for anyone we might speak blessings over. But as parents, I know I would much rather speak the blessing over them, leaving them a heritage of many spoken blessings!

One wonderful example I can share, was speaking a blessing over both Jenna & Jantzen about getting along as brother & sister. To not only get along but to truly be "friends" enjoying hanging out with each other and not bickering. The transformation was amazing! Within a very short time of speaking these blessings, I saw subtle changes and then each day watching what the Lord was doing in them was just so exciting!

Do you know what your childrens spiritual gifts are? This is another wonderful way to speak forth blessings over them. My son, Jantzen has such a servants heart. We pray that his gift would continue to grow and the Lord would use him according to
His will! Not only do the kids hear you speaking, but they know you believe in them as well! Plus, they also see a glimpse into how much God does too!

I have had prayer warriors speak blessings over me, and let me tell you, I received those blessings with great expectation! Hearing those blessings was so very powerful !!

Outside our homes, our children and/or our spouses hear enough negativity. Don't you think speaking a blessing over those you love is one of the most wonderful and loving things we could do?

Today I am joining Charlotte & Ginger @ Spiritual Sundays ~ to read more go here

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Funnies ♥ "Shut the front door"

So last night our TV was on for maybe 15 minutes before we went out to play badminton and then work in our flower beds. While we had it on we saw this commercial and it cracked us up! Hope you guys enjoy it too!

A laugh is a smile that bursts. ~Mary H. Waldrip

Happy Friday Everyone

Thursday, July 7, 2011

No Justice for Caylee

Not guilty?

As I sat and watched the jury declare Casey Anthony "not guilty" I was shocked. Even more so, watching her after the jurors had been escorted out of the court room, and seeing her parents make a quick exit as well, what was she thinking? Then again, What must they all be thinking? feeling?

As Casey began to laugh, and chat away with those around her, I was so sad. So sad for her baby girl. A beautiful 2 year old, whose life was taken from her far too soon. Yet, her mother was giddy. She was free. Free from the possibility of the death penalty. Free from facing consequences of actions she allegedly committed. Was she thinking of Caylee at all?

I have thought so much about how she spent her nights in jail and more importantly, how she spent that last night before hearing of her conviction or as we all witnessed her "not guilty verdict."

Does she pray? Does she practice "positive thinking" and believe it will come true like so many "new age movement" thinkers do?
Or did she just pace all day and night allowing Fear to rule and reign her thoughts and mind?

I truly never have understood how people get through life without Christ. Whether it be getting through the loss of a loved one and experiencing the Comfort and Peace that only truly comes from the Lord. Or maybe, it is the way HE will show HIMSELF strong in a situation and bring you that "Suddenly" moment, knowing there is no way to deny that it was the Lord working in your life. I will be praying for Casey Anthony. I don't even begin to judge where she is spiritually. Based on the facts of the case, it would be safe to say she needs Jesus in her life as her SAVIOR in a BIG WAY. Clearly, she is attempting to numb some pain in her life with all the partying she does and lying that comes with it. It's all so very sad. She needs a miracle to put her on the path to Eternity.

But then again, Our Lord is still in the Miracle business today and forevermore!

What are your thoughts on this case?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Red Skelton on Freedom

My Mom shared this with her grandchildren in mind. After watching it, I just had to share it with you all!! Enjoy and make sure you see the end...

May the Lord bless you
and protect you.
May the Lord smile on you
and be gracious to you.
May the Lord show you his favor
and give you his peace.’
Numbers 6:24-25 NLT

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hey it's me, Remember?

Wow....I guess I took a Blog Break. LOL We have sure been enjoying summer. We had a wonderful 4th of July, celebrating our Freedom and surrounded by friends and family, made it so special. Taking the time to truly appreciate our Freedom and all of those who have fought or continue to do so was very important this year. To Remember our Heritage and all this Country stands for as well as knowing our true Freedom in Christ is so vital!

Here is our sweet Rylee dressed in her stars and stripes!

My Beautiful Momma holding my grandson and her great-grandson, Bentley! Isn't he darling!!

We have started a new series @ Church which is known @ to be when they experience one of their biggest growth spurts. It's called "At The Movies". Usually in summer alot of people tend to go on a hiatus from Church but in true Craig Groeschel form, this church reaches out to any and all, inviting them to come and hear the Gospel. When we started attending LifeChurch last year they had just finished "At the Movies" so we really didn't know what to expect this year. It is amazing all of the hard work that goes into it and God uses so many during this time, and HE gives Craig such an amazing Word for each week. I will share more later this week!

College is just around the corner for our sweet Jenna, we will be getting her dorm room stuff soon and she is SOO EXCITED to say the least! Here is one of her gifts my mom got her for the shower area in her dorm. In true jenna form she is modeling for us! LOLOL

So happy to be back to this wonderful Bloggy world! I have missed all of you!! Hope your Tuesday is blessed!