Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Support our friend Edie

I just wanted to share a post for a friend and prayer warrior of mine.

Edie with Rich Gifts and Rich Gifts Blog Design

Anytime I have seen a prayer request go up and then a button to go along with that prayer request, guess who came beside those in need and MADE those wonderful prayer buttons ??? Most of the time EDIE! When I barely even knew Edie and my Dad was JUST diagnosed with Lung Cancer she made a prayer button for Him. I was so touched, and so was my Dad. Someone even mailed a copy of his button and it is taped on his bathroom mirror today reminding him that there are so many praying for him.

Well, Edie is now making some buttons for any price you would like to pay for this Christmas Season. I purchased one this morning, it is on my sidebar, and just wanted to encourage you all to help support Edie and to share in keeping Christ in our blogs by putting these buttons up. She even has some for free if you would like. So go check out her blog here

Thanks Edie for all that you do in the Bloggy World. You truly are a blessing :)