Monday, August 3, 2009

Love of A beautiful horse named Bailey

I have shared "some" of this story with my friends on Facebook but I wanted to share it here with you all where I can
truly "tell" the story. As I have told you my Dad lives on 50 acres and has many pastures along with a barn that holds
2 beautiful horses, Jackie and Bailey.

Bailey is a rescue horse. He was living on a farm with some people who did not feed him properly. The animal patrol
seized the animals. Dads veteranarian Erin, and her assistant Nicole, heard about this and they went to the property
and both women agreed that they would rescue Bailey from the glue factory. (yes you read that correctly, these poor
animals were on their way to the glue factory, isn't that awful!) So the ladies bring Bailey to my dads since Nicole does
not have a barn but has been helping out my Dad and stepmom with their horse (since dad has been sick)~ Let me
explain something here ~ When horses are not fed properly their feet don't develop properly and they end up not able
to walk without pain. Horses put most of their weight on their front two legs so if they are in pain they will have to be
put down because they don't have any other options. For the past year Nicole, my dad and stepmom and the veteranarian
have all worked, loved and cared for this beautiful and sweet horse. I met Bailey when I came here in June and fell in love! During that time I was here he was feeling good but this trip has shown the affects of what his previous owner has done to him and Bailey is struggling. We have spent many nights out there wrapping his feet, feeding him a certain diet, only letting him out for a little bit in the pasture because it has rained soooo much here in florida and being wet causes more trouble for
his feet! This past week I have asked my Facebook friends to pray for Bailey but today I am here asking you all.

This morning, as a last resort Bailey had surgery and is truly the last resort. If this does not help they will have to put him
down. He is out in the barn and they cut his tendons which I am guessing is a helpful thing or else they wouldn't have
done this. But he must stay down and quiet. Can you all please say a prayer for this beautiful and precious horse?

This is Bailey a couple of weeks ago, after the vet Erin had removed his casts and put new ones on in an attempt to help bailey.

This was about a week and a half later, he was out in the pasture. Not walking alot but enjoying being out of the barn

Bailey was giving me hugs

and now kisses!!! :)

Oh how I love this sweet boy, please pray for him! I will keep you all posted