Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Silent Movie? Really?

I've shared with you all that my Mom retired in February. It has been such a TREAT spending time with her whenever our hearts desire :) Our most recent adventure was soooo cool! My Mom called and asked if I wanted to go see the movie titled, "The Artist?" I was like, "Huh? I haven't even heard of that movie?" Sooo, I looked it up & Here is what I found

Wasn't I surprised to find it was a SILENT MOVIE! Hmmm, will that be good? I've never gone to a silent move but I certainly thought it looked like it would be awesome! On top of it being a silent movie, I also found out it was showing at a cinema that has been around FOR-EVER!!! I HONESTLY had NO IDEA what to expect ... We found a time that would work best for both of us and set our date.

As we walked in, I was just in awe! The history this building held was incredible. On a practical side - OMG it was the CLEANEST movie cinema I have ever seen!!! Mom & I were the only ones there so we had some time to look around and I found out a lot of the cinema had been recently restored. Just some of the restoration we were able to see was the New seats, carpet, and even the BIG screen. Just before the movie begins, an employee comes in and pulls these HUGE velvet curtains just to the edge of the screen, where the movie will be playing. It was so neat!

Two precious older ladies came in and sat down at the first row of seats they reached, just minutes before the movie started. They were so cute :)

Finally, it was time for the movie! Can I just say... HOW AWESOME this Movie is!! I felt like I was transported into the 1920's! The Artist was full of romance, entertainment, and some amazing dancing!!

♥ Thank you Momma ~ for taking us out of our box and on such a neat adventure!! It was such a treat ~ spending time w/YOU is a treat - no matter what we do I just cherish every minute! ♥