Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Joy & Love Wednesdays ♥

I am just so excited about Wednesdays :) To share LOVE and Spread the Joy...what a gift that is! Sharing not just ONE ~ but TWO fruits of the Spirit brings me JOY!!! How about YOU?? If you would like to join in go here with Angel for JOY and here with Joanne for LOVE

I am sooo filled with JOY because when my Dad passed away and I was asked what did I want? I immediately thought of this picture that he had in his office. His coworkers made it for him. My Dad was a Starbucks F-R-E-A-K! LOL He ALWAYS had a coffee with him until the day he was diagnosed with cancer. On that day he quit. DONE! no more coffees from Starbucks or anything else with sugar! He amazed me ~ anyway, back to the picture. I thought it was just the cutest thing and I instantly knew I would love to have this so I asked for it. I received it yesterday :) It brings me JOY because it is soooo my Daddy ~ hat on ~ smiling big! It reads: Wanted: $5000.00 Reward ~ Doug bad boy Woods.... Last seen working @ Everbank working too many hours.... If seen approach with Starbucks coffee!

I am filled with Joy because my daughter has made the decision to work as a physical therapist with special needs children! She has had a heart for special needs kids ever since she was in elementary school!! I am praying the Lord will continue to lead her in HIS will and feel like she has heard HIS voice! She will begin her Senior Year of Highschool this year! The Lord has such amazing plans for her! Jer 29:11

I am filled with JOY because the Lord loves me sooo much and HE has been speaking to me in the middle of the night this week. I love it when HE does this!

I joined Joanne last week for the first time and am thrilled to join in again this week! She asks, "What does love look like in your home?"

One day this past week when my husband and I woke Up ....this is what we saw sitting on top of our phones that we charge overnite. Our son is just the sweetest young man! We are sooo blessed by all 3 of our children! These notes were written to both Brian and I thanking us for different things. How thoughtful and filled with L♥VE is this? Yep, made me cry! Jantzen sharing his heart blessed us and is a clear example to me of LOVE!