Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Word-Filled Wednesday ♥

I seem to be very low on the energy level these past few days. I'll be honest ~ I am not the nicest person to be around if I am
a) hungry or b) tired! I learned many years ago that the enemy loves nothing more than to attack us when we are tired. It is in those weak moments when satan can work through us if we are not aware. Recognizing our weaknesses and then admitting we cannot handle them on our own can be one of the best gifts we can receive. It shows our Humility. It reveals our dependency on the Lord.

I was at a Joyce Meyer conference a few years back when she shared a story. It went like this.....

A husband and wife were having a somewhat loud disagreement. They were completely unaware that a car had pulled up in their drive and that just a small distance away stood the Pastor of their Church ready to knock on their door. The Pastor hearing the couple on the inside debated as to whether to knock, or just walk away quietly and leave so that there is no embarrassment on either end. His or Theirs. He decided to go ahead and knock. What happened next was a complete shock. He knocked on the door and to his surprise, the wife opened the door, put on a HUGE smile and welcomed the Pastor into their home. The Husband shook his hand and acted honestly happy to see him. Basically, the couple completely put on their masks. They made a conscious effort to put all the anger, yelling, and frustration aside. They were all smiles and acted as happy as could be.

How many times do we do this? One minute we are griping or wining and then we see a friend, or maybe we get a phone call and all of the sudden our whole voice changes, as well as our attitude. We may be sooo tired and want nothing more than to just sit and veg out, even telling our kids we can't go outside right now to play bc we are so tired. Next thing you know you receive a call from a ministry asking to help cook something for a family asap. You don't even think about it ~ You just get up, prepare the dinner, and then deliver it to the person(s) in need.

All of these situations I have shared can go one way or another way, it just depends on how we choose to respond. As I said, I learned to recognize these situations so that I would no longer respond the way I had in the past. It was very hard to see my behavior and to realize the hurt that came when I chose to make these decisions. I had to repent to the Lord and to those in which I had behaved that way. But honestly, it was a process. It wasn't like once I saw it that I could just "turn it off." I had to learn how to respond in a godly way. More importantly, I had to rely on the Holy Spirit to help me recognize, then to renew my mind, which for me meant that I had to CHOOSE to make godly choices!

I can't do any of it on my own! It is only through Christ that I can. HE gives me the Strength when I am tired. HE gives me the Strength to go to new levels and not allow my choices, or my weaknesses to carry me down. Am I perfect? Absolutley NOT! But, as the Word says "I can do ALL things through Christ, who gives me strength!"

You can find me here today!

Happy Wednesday my friends!



This INDEED spurs me on! I can so relate!! Godly choices, especially those ones that manifest themself in tone and tongue! :) I can do ALL things through Christ, who gives me strength! WORD!!

loved it!


I feel so tired today, you reeled in with your first line! I'm choosing to walk in His strength today!



It does take the "choosing," doesn't it.


I just love this verse, I can also relate, I remember my husband and I were also arguing and suddenly my phone rang, no matter how angry I was, I need to talk to my friend with a calm voice:) I couldn't just yell at her. It's just a matter of choice indeed.


Kaye - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation

Soooo true and Soooo convicting! Thank you for this lovely reminder along with such an encouraging Scripture for so many things we have to deal with on a day to day basis. Have a blessed week.

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