Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Heat update ;)~

Happy tuesday.....

Surely, there is a much more exciting opening line...

I could say....HOW HOT IS IT???

or "Yes, I'm still here but I seem to be melting!!"

Today friends we are only suppose to be 112 but tomorrow..... yes, tomorrow's forecast is 114! ONE HUNDRED F.O.U.R.T.E.E.N ~ how does that even happen?

Our city broke a record on Monday....we reached 110 which beat the record from all the way back to 1923. We also officially have the hottest month ever in the history of Oklahoma. ~ July 2011 will now sit in the record books!

Last night @ 10 pm it was still 102 sooo we decided to have a little fun in our living room. We broke out the golf putting green and had a little family contest. Then we played the WII. Just Dance Summer edition, it had us dancing, laughing and burning some calories too! woo hoo! I dominated for most of the songs and then Jenna came back strong!

Oh YA!! We got Jantzens EEG moved up to this Saturday! PRAISE THE LORD!!! He has to go to bed @ midnight and wake up @5 and then test that afternoon. I am sooo thankful the Lord allowed for this to change! Now he won't even have to worry about missing any classes that first week back to school. (oh how I HATE typing those words!)

I hope you all are staying cool and taking care out there in this heat! Love and Hugs to you all ♥