Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pictures just for you Kim ♥ myspace graphic comments

We had a really good day, today :) Took Daddy in for hydration and after taking his vitals they decided to add some potassium to the fluid he would receive. WOW! What a difference this made. When he returned home from the hospital he just won't eat and only sips here and there but it isn't enough to provide the proper amount of fluids he needs so he becomes dehydrated in about 48 hours.

Here are some highlights from today:

My brother picked up my dad from the wheelchair to put him into the truck ~ my dad says "Ah youth" isn't that precious

I hand my daddy a toothpick after he didn't really eat anything but this makes him think he did and he says to me
"Thanks sugar" aww so sweet

My son texted me and shared he won the class spelling bee! way to go BABE

My daughter texted me after she spent some time with the Lord and shared what HE told her and she was praising Jesus and sharing the Scriptures HE gave to her. Praise God for giving her an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying!!!

My husband only has 1 more day of meetings :) He will be soooo very happy to be home

Now here are the Christmas lights that I was telling you all about when I arrived and since Kim asked to see them well what kind of friend would I be if I just ignored that?? SHE IS HAVING A REALLY FUN WEEK ON HER BLOG SO GO VISIT HER HERE

There is a gorgeous lighted wreath on the gate that I don't have a picture of but will try to get soon :) Hope you enjoy these

Love to you all