Monday, October 11, 2010

Thank you MOM!

My Mom hosted my birthday this past weekend and we had tooo much fun! The weather was perfect for us to sit outside on my moms patio and I LOVE NOTHING more than to be surrounded by my family and well, when you add friends and chocolate ~ it's pure heaven!!

Krista and our Rylee ♥

Thanks Mom for not making me blow out 44 candles!! LOL

My handsome brother, Mom and I (yes I'm still sportin those lovely fever blisters! They are ALMOST GONE!)

Mom and the kids dancin away :)

My friend Heidi joined us!! Love this girl!

OK ~ somewhere my Mother decided to wrap everyone (willing that is) in saran wrap! WHY??? I have NO IDEA LOLOLOL but it certainly made for a whole lot of laughs and some good photo-ops!

Yep, Mom was running in hers!! Holy smokes she is a HOOT!!

I had hoped to get a pic with all of us but there wasn't a moment in which someone wasn't talking and the volume was EXTREME! So therefore, I couldn't get the attention of everyone to take the pic...oh well :)

Thank you MOM for such a wonderful and joy-filled birthday! Thank you for making it so special, a night filled with love & laughter! I am sooo blessed to be your daughter ~ I Love you with all my Heart ♥ XOXO