Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday ~ God corrects

Have you ever heard this before?

"if you don't do what God is asking of you....HE will move on and find someone else to do it and YOU will miss out on the blessing?"

I have, and to be honest ~ I have even "felt" as if others had be blessed for what I should have done in the first place. But, isn't it true that.....

God is patient

God is kind

God is good

How then would a good, kind and patient person say "Well then, if they aren't going to do it then I will just find someone else to do this and they will be blessed instead of you?" Notice I said person....not God

Sometimes I think we Humanize our Heavenly Father to the point that we think HE will do what we might do. Our flesh and human minds would definately tend to be impatient with those who aren't listening or doing things as we think they should or in the timely manner that they should so it would only make sense that we would find someone else to do the task.

If we think about it....the Word tells us Gods is ALWAYS WITH US....HE NEVER LEAVES US, so even when we have turned away or may be in a season of allowing the world to pull us its direction instead of the heavenly eternal road we should be walking, God is still there patiently waiting and allowing us to make those choices, those mistakes. When we turn our hearts back to HIM and repent HE is always there waiting and as HIS word tells us HE will turn what the enemy meant for harm into good ~ He will complete what HE began in us.....

His Word will not return void, His Work in us will not GO TO someone else if it is meant for us! HE loves and adores us and yes we may face consequences, but the journey to each blessing HE has waiting for us is a gift in itself that HE longs to share each and every day. He corrects us because HE loves us!

Thankyou Lynn for sharing Thankful Thursdays with us please join her and others here