Monday, December 14, 2009

In honor of Dads "notes" ♥

Tonight we decided we should share with some of Daddy's friends on Facebook some of what has been going on. As you all know Dad shared his heart on this journey through posting notes on Facebook so my Brother made the decision to author this final note in place of Daddy. As you will read Dad has given the gift of writing so eloquently to his son as well. I am so proud of my brother ~ He has been a rock for me and for my dad and stepmom as well during these days with our Daddy. I love you Tony ~ Daddy would be so very proud.

My Final Note: Written by my son, Tony Woods
Today at 8:43pm

Hello to all my DAD's Facebook friends!

I am honored to author this note for my Dad! I am sitting here trying to think what he would say if he could speak or type. My only hope is to try to convey a message that would do him justice. Here it goes:

The Facts:

Dad spent last week in and out of the hospital battling a case of pneumonia! At the end of the week we met with the Doctor who asked, "How do you feel your cancer treatment has gone?" Dad's answer was in agreement with the doctor who felt the treatment had been more detrimental than the actual cancer. He was also told, Cancer doesn't kill people Infection does! That's where we are today! Fighting a battle with pneumonia in which we have no defense! When given the choice to undergo radiation treatments to fight back the pneumonia, which wouldn't prolong his life, he chose to proceed with the treatment. Right up to the end and hardly having the strength to stand unassisted he faced his ailments with true courage and strength.

His Final Wish:

After hearing the news we were out of options and moving into palliative care we began to talk about what was important to him. He mentioned it was important to see his Mother before he passes. Our plan was to load up in an RV and drive him to Oklahoma. He mentioned how strong he felt and actually wanted to go to Oklahoma and come back to Florida to say his goodbyes. One night at home and things took a turn for the worse! The decision was quickly made to keep him comfortably at home and bring his Mother to him. That is exactly what is happening now. My brother-in-law will board a plane with her tomorrow, Tuesday the 15th, and fly her here to be by his side! Knowing my Dad's strength and determination, he will make it long enough to see her!

My Dad:

I was fortunate enough to sit with my Dad before he was released from the hospital on Saturday. We had a wonderful Dad to Son talk and left nothing unsaid, I encourage all of you to do the same with those close to you. Don't waste a minute to say the things you need to say! I was extremely lucky to have that talk and I will carry that with me as long as I live. The following comes as no surprise to many of you... My Dad is a wonderful man, full of sincerity and caring for others. He was a strong determined man! There's nothing he couldn't accomplish and is wise to the World! Although he didn't get a college degree until he was in his late 50's he is one of the smartest men I have ever known and educated himself his entire life! His words have inspired many of you across the nation. My Dad wasn't beaten by this disease! Trust me, it could never beat him! It simply changed the rules and blind-sided him with pneumonia! His mind and spirit have been strong and sharp up until the end! I couldn't be more proud to have this man as my Dad!

In Closing:

He made a profound statement to the Doctor in a stern manner after choosing to move into palliative care. He stated, he received the same treatments in battling cancer that his father received 25 years ago. He is absolutely correct! It's frustrating for a man who hasn't had a drink of alcohol or smoked a cigarette in over 30 years to develop lung cancer. Friends, we have come a long way in medicine but we need to look at what is being done to fight this hideous disease. I want to send a message to all of you "GET CHECKED!" Cancer can be beat! It doesn't have to be a death sentence! Don't ignore your symptoms, have regular checkups and make the choice to live a healthier live! Don't waste a minute and when things get tough smile when thinking of this man who loved you as much as you loved him!

The Luckiest Son in the World,


P.S. I love you Dad!

Love and Blessings