Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cant say this everyday!

Here in OKLAHOMA ~ we had an EARTHQUAKE!

While most everyone was attached the their TV w/loads of tissue watching the amazing rescues of the Chilean Miners yesterday morning many people felt a very strong tremor! Some described their glasses or furniture shaking, some thought a car had hit their building or close to it. But no matter where you went yesterday somebody felt 'SOMETHING!"

Quickly news spread on Facebook and through text messages that we had had an EARTHQUAKE! YEP here in OK!! WOW

I was at the Salon getting my hair done and OH MY! You should have heard everyone! It was sooo funny! When my husband came to bed last night he said...."Honey, they are already making t-shirts that say I survived the OKLAHOMA OCT 2010 Earthquake!!" Aren't we all sooo silly LOLOLOL

I am thrilled to say I have heard of nothing but Minor problems

So what's your big news for the day?

I will be away for a few days since I will be in surgery early tomorrow.....Please whisper a prayer!! Thank you all so much! I love you all