Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful for You

As we all give Thanks for the MANY Blessings we have been given, Please know that I am so VERY Thankful for each one of you friends.

Thankful for the encouragement you give in your comments
Thankful for the laughs and smiles you bring to my day
Thankful for the prayers you offer up with trust and Great Expectation
Thankful for the friendship you give
Thankful for the ♥love♥ I feel from each one of you.

May you all have a VERY Blessed and a Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Thanksgiving Funny

I saw this on GodTube and thought it was too funny....Enjoy!

I pray you all have a very blessed Thanksgiving ~ I am so very thankful for all of you! A very Special Thanks to Charlotte for hosting Spiritual Sundays~ if you would like to join in go here

Friday, November 18, 2011

One of my Favorite Friday Funnies EVER!!

Friday Funnies is hosted by my dear friend Kim @ HomesteadersHeart

Ok. Telling on myself....AGAIN. My Mom posted this on her Facebook page, specifically for my Son. The word "Noobs" is used constantly in our home,(in a loving way of course LOL) so when Mom saw this she just HAD to post it for him. She called & asked me if I had seen it yet, so when I arrived home, I pulled into my garage and pulled it up on my phone....I sat in my car laughing until I cried!! Seriously, I was CRACKING UP!! We have watched this over and over and just crack up every time!!

This is Julian Smith. He is a pretty big "YouTube Video guy" This precious lady is his 95 year old Great Grandmother. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Thanks Mom for finding this!! ♥ You da best ♥


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

♥Cutest Grandbabies ♥

This past weekend we had our grand babies! We had so much fun! We read books, went outside on the porch swing, and so much more. They kept us hoppin for sure! Night time came and that could only mean BATH TIME :) Rylee loves bath time here and now Bentley is old enough to move up to the tub so we had double the fun with all the bubbles!

I honestly CANNOT believe Ry is going to be 3 years old next month and Bentley will be 1 in January!! HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN???

Here are some of the adorable pics I was able to get with my phone while they were having fun in the tub!

Happy Wednesday my friends

Monday, November 14, 2011

When God Speaks!

Have you experienced a time or times in your life when the Lord gives you the same exact message in different ways? Isn't it just sooo awesome when HE does that!!

I just LOVE it! What is even more exciting, is just HOW HE chooses to 'MAKE SURE' we truly GET IT!! Cause you know, we are not a stubborn people! No way. And we certainly don't ever question...."Was that you God?" Nope. Never!! Ha!!!!

For me, HIS message was revealed in ways that not only confirmed just what HE was sharing with me, but also, because of where they were revealed, it just blew me away. There is NO DENYING HIS Grace, HIS Sovereignty, and HIS Omnipresence!!

We had our grandchildren this past Friday night and Saturday. One of my VERY FAVORITE times with Rylee is just before bed. She goes and picks out her favorite books, crawls up into my lap, and we read and read. It is such a precious time together! I don't think there has been one single time that she hasn't fallen asleep all snuggled up with me. Of course, I just continue to hold her, and rock her ~ It's just too wonderful to let end. Anyways.....

The first time the Lord shared this specific WORD with me was, through one of the books I read to Rylee. A Young children's book that I actually reviewed some time back. You know when you have read a Scripture before and then when you read it again it just JUMPS off the page at you!!?? Well, that is what happened while reading this book! It was awesome! But I will be honest, I didn't "get" that the Lord was sharing this with me right off.

The Second time was On Saturday. My DH and I took the g-kids and met our Daughter & SIL. Said our good-byes to all of them, and had a spur of the moment date. One of our favorite places to go is....BARNES & NOBLE. We just love looking at different books, getting a coffee, and just relaxing. I chose a few books and began looking at them. One happened to be a devotional. I read quite a few entries, but wouldn't you know that more than one of the days entries I just happened to find, had the very message that the book from the night before had. The Lord certainly had my attention at this point!

The Third and perhaps most powerful time I received this Specific Word was through the Sermon @ Church. I just wanted to cry!
The Lord loves me sooo much that HE gave me this message in places I had no idea I was going ~ BUT HE DID. He gave me a message in a Preschool book that I didn't know I would even be reading ~ BUT HE DID. I had a good idea I would be @ church, but in no way did I think this Specific Word would be such a part of the Series we are listening too ~ BUT HE DID!!

For me, It truly is, such a HUMBLING Experience! When you get even the slightest revelation of the LORDS Love, Grace and desire to speak to you, it just Moves me, Encourages me, and builds my Faith is ways that nothing else does!!

Thank You Lord for caring enough about me, for loving me, EVEN WHEN I question if it is even YOU at all!

What about you guys? Share HOW HE has spoken specifically to you .....

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Friday Funny of course

This is what you might look like after having THREE EARTHQUAKES in one week in a state that is NOT SUPPOSE TO HAVE EARTHQUAKES!! This is NOT California!! But of course, we Okie's have all had a great time talking about it wherever we go, to whomever will lines, gas stations, workout rooms and of course FACEBOOK!! Here is just one of the witty signs proudly displayed for your daily chuckle!

You know those emails you get that ask you to forward it to 10 people or to input your choices on the questionnaire, and then send it on to the next person?? Well, I am ALWAYS the one who is NOT going to resend or fill out the questionairre. My bad, I know. I apologize to all who have put their faith in me when it comes to these .... I don't have an excuse. Not even one. I just don't do it. But hey, NOW YA KNOW :) Right?? Right!!

Sometimes you get those very same requests in a text message ~ Holy Smokes ....I am really not going to do this on my phone!
Guess I'm not the only one....heehee

Hope everyone has a very happy and laughter filled Friday! I get my grand babies today and they are spending the night! Best way to spend a Friday if you ask me

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Are you covered?

Each Morning as I get ready to go to the gym, I "put on" all that I need to work out....sports bra, (or 2 or 3...a secret I learned from a friend and YES it is sooo much better!) work out clothes (of course), my Nike Free tennis shoes, (love these for working out) and a hat to keep my hair up and out of my face. When boxing I wear these AWESOME PINK GLOVES!! I definitely them! As I've shared before, boxing is definitely my favorite and HEY, every girl needs her own gloves ESPECIALLY if they are PINK!!!

Of course before I put ANY of these on, I prepare myself with the Armor given to me by my FATHER.....

Helmet of Salvation
Breastplate of Righteousness
Belt of Truth
Shoes of Peace
Shield of Faith
and the Sword of the Spirit which is the WORD of God

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On my Heart ~ Tuesdays

What is on my ♥heart♥ this Tuesday?.... Join in Here to share what's on your heart

I have just been sooo very thankful for "NORMAL" days... You know, the days that you wake up and go about your day, with nothing "new" or "different" than the ones prior to today. Those days that you ask your neighbor "How are you doing?" and they reply, "doing good, you know just the same ol ~ same ol'"

I have just been on my face thankful to the Lord for these "normal" days. I've shared with you all that I began working out in August. There are a great group of women that work out at the same time as I do. Two of these women have recently been widowed. Thing is, they are both younger than me. Their children are way younger than mine. Neither of their spouses had cancer or a long illness. No, these women woke up one morning went about their "Normal day" until they received a life-changing phone call. One that notified them, their husband and children's father had died.

There is also a friend of mine from jr. high who also became widowed recently. Her husband woke up as he always had and left for work on his motorcycle like he always did on any normal day. On this particular day, He was struck by a truck going the wrong way on the highway and was killed instantly.

For these women, this day and the days after were nothing NORMAL.

My Son has a friend who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. It always breaks my heart when kids are diagnosed with cancer. Our community is surrounding his family, raising funds for him and his family. I can only imagine how his Mother LONGS for those Normal days prior to his diagnosis.

I honestly could go on and on. I am certain as you are reading this, you could share similar stories as well. Sharing this wasn't intended to be depressing. It was simply to take time and thank the Lord for our Normal Days!

humbly and thankfully HIS,

Monday, November 7, 2011

2 Earthquakes in OKLAHOMA??? SERIOUSLY??

Happy Monday everyone!! :) How was your weekend?? Ours was full of EXCITEMENT! WHAT you ask was exciting? Well, here ya
go :)

In 2011, Oklahoma has been a WILD WEATHER YEAR soooo far....

We have had:

the Most Snow ever recorded in a 24 hour period.

Record snow fall happened to be in my small town.... we got 21 inches on February 2, 2011.

Coldest temperature ever recorded in Oklahoma -31'F on February 10.2011.''

Changing Seasons we then had a record Hottest Summer since 1936 with July being the HOTTEST month on record since the 1930's dust bowl drought.

You might think things would calm down for the Fall Season. I know I did! LOL ~ but believe it or not, we were in for quite the surprise!! On November 5, Oklahoma experienced an 4.7 Earthquake, around 2 in the morning. I slept through this one and while my husband was still awake, he did not feel any shaking either. At almost 11 pm. that very same day/night, I was in our kitchen having a bowl of cereal and all of the sudden it sounded as if a Jet plane had landed ON MY HOUSE, and everything is shaking like CRAZY. The candles, the dishes, the name it, it was shaking. Of course, I have NEVER been in an Earthquake before so I honestly did not know what in the world was going on!!! I just know it lasted for quite awhile and just as it stopped, my Son came in the kitchen and we began talking about what had just happened. He assured me it WAS an Earthquake! You know, 14 year olds KNOW EVERYTHING ;)~
Sure enough, the news stations began reporting that indeed it was an Earthquake and that this particular Earthquake had set a new record!! Of course it did!

Oh ya, This 5.6 Earthquake came just minutes after we watched my College team ~ #3 Oklahoma State University beat #14 Kansas State University. This game went back and forth and literally with 1 second left in the game, KSU had the opportunity to win the game. I don't recall EVER having my nerves shot the way they were after this game had come to an end!!! It was the most exciting, frustrating, scary, exhilarating game EVER!!! Praise the Lord we won though!!

Well, that was our weekend...How was yours??

Honestly, the game had me wayyyy more nervous than this Earthquake! I don't ever want to experience either situation again!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Funnies ♥

It's Friday Friday Friday.....

Time for some FUNNIES with KIM

I just love to watch the old game shows bloopers! they just crack me up!! you know like....the newlywed game, price is right, or family feud. If you ever need a laugh just pull some of those up on YouTube and you will be laughing in no time!

Enjoy some Price is Right bloopers and Have a Blessed and Laughter filled weekend!!!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Homecoming Weekend

This past weekend was OSU's Homecoming. They have one of the best Homecoming celebrations in the NATION! Not to mention that our Football team in the ONLY UNDEFEATED team in the BIG 12!!! WOO HOO GO POKES!!

We made plans to go down and see all of the decks that the Sorority/Fraternity houses created as well as participate in all the other activities a few months ago! We have been anxiously awaiting and FINALLY it arrived :) It was really cold walking around at night but hey ~ we were burning calories right? ;)

Here is the Library Lawn where they turned the water ORANGE!! Isn't it pretty!!!

The theme of Homecoming was "Where Your Story Began" so each deck told a story somehow incorporating this. I was just amazed at these decks. They begin plans within the first few weeks of school and then 24 hours before the celebration for Homecoming begins each member begins the tedious process of poking tissue paper into the chicken wire. HUNDREDS & THOUSANDS of Tissue Paper! Only young college students could do that for 24 hours straight ~ no sleep ~ don't you think??/

This picture is of a Sorority Girl who was in a car accident & died the week just before Greek Weekend. They dedicated this to her! Can you imagine how her parents must have felt seeing this? Truly, what a blessed gift they gave them!

This picture was my favorite in regards to the theme. They were all amazing and each one shared so much of the History of OSU.

They also introduced the Basketball teams (boys & girls). They also had their awesome Drum Line. Gosh, I could have listened to them for hours! Just sooo cool! Here are some great action shots my Husband took.

It was an UNBEIEVABLE GAME!! They are just ON FIRE this year! We beat the Baylor Bears 59-24!! Always good to win your game on Homecoming isn't it :)

This is Justin Blackmon jumping into the stands once the game is over! Everyone looks sooo happy!! They should be they just got to see an absolutely amazing game!!

Here we are....Enjoying the Homecoming weekend with my kids! We missed Krista & family though!!

How about you? Did you have a good weekend?