Friday, August 28, 2009


I have been blessed with two awards that are very special to me

This one came from Christy Rose

It is the Loyal Friend and visitor award. This is the exact thing I have experienced from all of you this week especially. While I haven't been visiting everyone as much this week you all have remained to come here and share your love, prayers, encouragement and have been completely LOYAL to me and I am so grateful and humbled! If you all don't know Christy Rose please go visit her here YOU WILL LOVE HER and learn so much from her. She is an amazing mother and wife and has a gift of teaching no matter the subject! Thankyou Christy! Your loyalty and friendship is such a gift.

This award came from Andrea at Arise 2 Write

If you know Andrea you know what a mighty prayer warrior she is. And if ANYONE is in need of being prayed for ~ you will most likely find out from Andrea. She has such a heart for intereceding for people in need and the Lord uses her in a mighty way! She just doesn't share the needs, she also contacts Edie and helps in getting those prayer buttons you see. Edie does the work and what an amazing job she does but Andrea plays just as much of a role and I know as a person who has experienced seeing the power of prayer by so many that I don't even know It is truly inspiring!

Honestly, I am constantly inspired by each of you, your loyalty of those who follow me, those who just leave loving or encouraging comments so I am offering these awards to all of you .....seriously if you haven't received them please post them and receive them in love! One other thing I would like to point out. The most inspiring award was made by Kats (heart2heart) daughter. Isn't that awesome! What a sweet and special award to receive!!

Blessings to all of you and Happy Friday everyone!